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Versys 650 or V-strom 650

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jamyca54, Dec 10, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone
    So I'm looking at buying a new bike pretty soon. And its either the new 2015 Model 650 Kawasaki versys or the 650 Suzuki v-strom. I have had a ride of the 650 v-strom before and it is a great bike to ride i really enjoyed it nice and smooth on the highway. But the new Versys looks really good as well.
    I'm not going to be doing that much off road riding but i'm really looking for a bike that can easily do highway riding and long rides and also have fun on the twisties.

  2. Either bike will do very well, they're pretty well aimed at almost exactly the same market niche. Take the Versys for a ride as well as the Strom, close together if you can, and see which suits you better. I really don't think you can go wrong either way so it's just a matter of feel and preference.
  3. There's the Triumph Tiger 800 too consider too...
  4. If you are not riding off road get the 17 inch wheels of the versys.
  5. I was in a similar position - picked the Versys. Bought used and rode it home from Adelaide to Melbourne in a day 2up without parts going numb or falling off. That was 7000km ago and I'm still happy.

    Everything I read suggested that the Vstrom was a little smoother and more comfortable, and that the Versys was a little bit more nimble. Didn't ride either before buying, so can't exactly compare anything for you.
  6. Makes use you ride both. They really do target the same market, so little things may make all the difference to you.
  7. Thanks guys for the input. The Versys is looking good especially the new model as it looks really nice but i do like the new V-strom xt model as well. Decisions decisions
  8. I went with the Strom and love it, though I'm more of a Kawasaki fan in general. The Strom is just a hella good bike. If I had the decision over again it could come down to the colour or my mood on the day, but I regret nothing.
  9. What a coincidence, Ive been thinking about those 2 as well. Are you a tall fella? Apparently they are good for the taller rider.
  10. I'm 188 cms (6'2") and I find the vstrom (2011) a hint small if anything. The 2012 model I tried when buying mine felt smaller than the 2011. I can flat foot both sides at the lights. My wife is 177 cms (5'10") and she finds her 2011 vstrom to be perfect.
  11. Yeah im 6'3" all arms and legs so its a serious consideration for me. If you google "bikes for tall guys" there is a page amongst many that puts the v strom in their list.
    Out of interest have you thought about the cb500x, I saw a comparison online of that and the strom and it did quite well, bit cheaper too?
  12. Not to tall about 6ft. I have ridden the vstrom before and it was fine for me but you can get different seat packages I think if your a bit taller or shorter
  13. Mates gotta vstrom and loves it!
  14. I bought the Versys because it was LAMS and the V-Strom last year was not.

    My mate has a V-Strom and he said it is top heavy and uninspiring to ride. he only kept it for 5 months and bought a 900 hornet.

    I've had the 2012 Versys for a year now, and it it absolutely a hoot to ride.
  15. Been looking at both and similar bikes, did you end up buying either? Any feedback
  16. Mate funny story. Was about to go buy the Versys, as i liked that it was more road based compared to the vstrom and it had a cool display and looked really nice. And then went to update my licence during the week to get my green p's and they ended up giving me my full bike licecne. So for me its a whole different ball game.
    But then talking to the dealer he said the versys is becoming popular due to the update. But in terms of performance they are on par pretty much
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  17. I have had a test ride on both since writing that message. Yeah I like the new Versys looks good, the seat and ride position comfy and bike goes well. I also went for a ride on the MT09 yesterday and after all the bikes I've ridden, this thing rocks, great price Awsome experience. Highly recommend taking one for a test ride. They have just brought out the MT09Tracer which will blow the Vstrom and Versys out of the water if your looking at more road orientated and now have a full license. Do yourself a favour and go into local Yamaha dealer
  18. Fair enough, but the MT09 is really a different style of bike to the versus or vstrom. It would be fairer to compare the Tenere to the other two. If I was going to ride for 10 hours a day, I would prefer the seating position of my Vstrom to the MT09.
  19. Sweet fair enough didn't realise you had a Vstrom, great bike, good purchase. The MT09 Tracer is set up as more of a tourer than the MT09 higher seat and more upright ride position less hip and knee angle than the Vstrom 650 and on par with Vstrom 1000. Tenere better ride position than all of the above for me but single verse twin and triple. It seems out of those 3 the more cylinders the more fun in my experience. Happy riding I'm sure your Vstrom will serve you well
  20. versys less boring
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