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Vermuelen to MotoGP!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by nearlyempty, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. CHRIS VERMUELEN is definitely MotoGP-bound as Honda prepares to attack Valentino Rossi with both experience and young blood.
    The World Superbike rider will be part of the fresh new talent injected into the premier class, which will also include reigning world 250 champ Dani Pedrosa.
    HRC have long admired Vermuelen. Their sporting director Carlo Fiorani said: “I trust him. I would like to move him to MotoGP as soon as possible.” Fiorani said he has spoken to senior personnel including HRC president Suguru Kanazawa about the move.
    Fiorani added: “We made a mistake with superbike riders like Colin Edwards and Troy Bayliss. When they moved they were already too old, so it was difficult for them to adapt to MotoGP. When you understand you have a talent like Chris it’s important to move them when they are still young.”
    Max Biaggi and Sete Gibernau will be the experienced figureheads in 2006, with Nicky Hayden, Marco Melandri, Vermuelen and Pedrosa providing the youthful back-up.

  2. Things not looking good for Roberts and Bayliss. Will be interesting to see which riders end up in which Honda teams. Biaggi back to Camel? Melandri and Pedrosa going to Repsol? Gibernau staying at Telefonica Movistar? Hayden to Telefonica? Interesting times in the Honda camp.

    I would say that Melandri will probably join Biaggi in the Repsol camp and Hayden to one of the satellite teams.
  3. Rumour that Bayliss will be returning to WSB to ride for MV & that Kawasaki are trying to get Biaggi.

    Can't see Biaggi going to Kawasaki though, unless nobody else wants him...
  4. Well, well, well, three holes in the ground.

    I hope Chris can get a competative bike otherwise it will be a waste of time for the lad.

    As for Edwards and Bayliss, I think they'd be better off back in SBK. I'd love to see them mixing it with Corser next year.

    For my money SBK edges out MotoGP for the excitement stakes at the moment because the races aren't forgone conclusions in the same way MotoGP is becoming (yes, yes, I want to have Rossi's love child and all that).
  5. I have to agree that the Rossi thing can take away some of the excitment in MGP. Hopfully it wont go the same way as F1 and Schumaker and become bloody boring!
  6. I thought that it already had. When one or two riders dominate, then it's boring. Same way that WSBs nearly self-destructed with Ducati/Foggy domination. While Corser is doing it easy, the last coupla races have shown that he isn't invincible, and that there is real racing to be had. However, with MotoGP, it's a matter of Rossi 1st, probably Gibernau 2nd, and one or two other riders 3rd and 4th...
  7. i think it makes it all the more interesting.. watching Rossi dominate is facinating IMO

    but i like Big Brother so maybe im just easly amused :p
  8. That raises a HEAP of interestting issues, doesn't it?
    The drop in capacity to 800cc next year is going to make the bikes MUCH harder to ride, so only the best riders will shine, which is as it should be.
    Some of the riders in MotoGp at the moment are only pretenders in my view and some of them should retire and live off their fat endorsements and give the young guys a go.
    I'm all for it.
  9. pedrosa will stay with telefonica, thats a gimme.

    vermuelen would either also go to telefonica or repsol. I
    more than likely, he'll go to repsol as gibernau and pedrosa would be telefonica's first choices for riders.

    only reason for gibernau to leave would be a 'full' factory ride, not like he doesn't already have that.
  10. Booyakasha!!

    Couldnt agree more....apart from wanting to have rossi's love child. Oh, and I reckon your the right gender for rossi too. Yes, I reckon rossis is a homo.
  11. Yes, I reckon rossis is a homo.[/quote]

    Not that there is anything wrong with that!
  12. Of course not!!
  13. People's sexual preferences are nobody's business but their own :LOL:
  14. I think we've yet to see a WSB/AMA rider successfully make the transition to the MotoGP class? Repsol should be going for Melandri and Pedrosa if they want to have any chance of beating Rossi. Maybe wait another season and then blood Stoner. He's going to be the next big thing for Oz GP riders I think.
  15. Remember, you read it here first!
  16. I tend to agree, give him another year on the two fiddys then take him to the big time. Ant West has had a season to forget from what little I've heard of him this year, so I wouldn't be pinning my hopes on him to do much.

    As long as Stoner gets a decent bike, not a kwaka or suzi, he should do well. He's shown a lot of grit in the smaller classes to suggest he can hold his own at the premier level. It's a balancing act not to drop him in it too early or do a Biaggi and spend too much time in the 250s.
  17. Just a couple of things... Deyago... the reason you've heard nothing about Ant West is because he is contracted to race the new KTM 250 which should be ready for the next race at Assen... tomorrow fortnight.

    As for rumours... heard one from a source some time back...

    Troy Corser and Mat Mladdin on Corona Alstare Suzuki's next year in MotoGP.

    Dunno how good it is, but it did come from a brother of one of the men concerned...
  18. Matt Mladdin, now there's another fella romping to victory...
  19. Gday Buckets me old matey :D :wink:
    Matt Mladin seemed to state quite unequivocally that he was happy to stay where he is in his latest column in AMCN,so i dont think we'll see him anywhere other than AMA for another 2 years yet at least mate,Corser is always the wild card though,but i reckon he'll stay where hes winning to be honest :wink: 8)
  20. IMHO neither Mladin OR Corser would be considered for a MotoGP seat at this stage on the basis of AGE, if nothing else.

    Before someone screams about their talent, I'm not denying that, but the push in MotoGP at the moment is to blood YOUNG riders and these two simply don't qualify.

    Bayliss will lose his ride at the end of the year for exactly the same reason. Cruel and unjustified, I know, but...