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Vermeulen to ride Shanks Pony for 2010?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by MalTravieso, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. From Suzuki Press (Via F.I.M.):

    27/08/2009 16:14pm
    Suzuki and Capirossi stay together for 2010.

    Suzuki Motor Corporation is pleased to announce that it has secured the services of Loris Capirossi for the 2010 MotoGP World Championship...
    The agreement with Capirossi finalises Suzuki's 2010 MotoGP rider line-up, following the recent announcement that 24-year-old Spanish star Alvaro Bautista will join Suzuki for the next two years.

    Paul Denning - Team Manager:
    "This announcement confirms that Suzuki and Chris Vermeulen will not be working together in 2010..."

    I wonder where, or if, he will ride next season? Somewhere in SBK seems the likely place.
  2. Chris is desparately hoping to pick up the almost-certainly vacant seat at Tech3 when Toseland gets shown the door. In fact, he's so desparate to stay in MotoGp that he's offered to ride for free.

    Such a shame to see a supremely talented rider waste his career on that PoS of a Suzuki.
  3. I couldn't agree more.
    I remember when a certain Mat Mladin out lapped the Suzuki MotoGP bike with his GSXR at a private test a year or two ago.

    Chris might be in a fight with the likes of Ben Spies for the seat at Tech3 though. ( Zis I haff heard! )
  4. Look for Spies to stay in WSBK for one more year...ziss also I haff heard!! :cool:
  5. and I'd be tipping for him to jump into CE seat when he retires at the end of 2010. That is what my crystal ball says.
  6. CV is a world class racer, and will not be left on the shelf.
  7. I'm afraid that CV will end up like The Sultan of Slide.

    Loses a good ride, ends up on less than average equipment and finally ending up in something like WSS.

    While WSS isn't anything to sniff at - hell, the backmarkers of that class can outride most of us - it's nothing like what DV is capable of riding in.
  8. I dont know what the poor bugger has to do more to get a decent ride. I'm sure it wouldn't be an issue if his name was Chris Vermicelli...
  9. Sorry to say, but what has Chris really shown.

    His team-mate considtently beats him this year does he not? So, when a change is in order, you keep your highest placed rider - especially if the top rider is also good with setup and development.

    Sorry, but MotoGP is a business and business is business. They have held onto him for a while with the promise of things to come. He has not delivered, time to move on.
  10. Totally agree that Capirossi has outclassed him lately, but the situation is complicated by Loris' age. He will probably last one more season (good on him), but he HAS to retire soon. At that point they will lose any experience within the team.

    And much as I'd like to see CV go to CE's seat, isn't Marco going there? (he's certainly earned it).
  11. CV isn't an apprentice any more, he needs to be on a decent bike and on the front row and not fartarsing around with Suzuki's second rate attempts.

    If he was pushed, maybe it was a blessing in disguise as long as he ends up where he can spend the next few years as a contender.....perhaps being a backmarker in Motogp is better than a being on the front row of a WSBK grid but winning is sure to be better for the soul.
  12. I wouldn't be surprised if CV ends up at LCR Honda, which I think will be a good opportunity for him.
  13. No, Marco is going to Gresini. Nobody in their right mind would sign for Snoozooki if it measn riding the heap of crap that they wheel to the grid at the moment.
  14. Only If De Puniet goes to Tech 3... I can't see LCR dumping De Puniet for Vermeulen.
  15. I agree.
  16. I am a little confused about something...... So, try and follow my logic...


    Everyone says the bike is designed for Casey
    Is it really? Or, had Casey learnt to ride it the way it is?
    No-one else can ride the Ducati except for maybe Troy Balis

    Everybody says the bike is crap
    Is it really? Or, hss no-one really learnt to ride it the way it is?
    Why? They are doing well in MX/SX/BSS/WSBK/AMA, why cant they do well in GP..... hmmmm

    I guess what I am saying, maybe the bike is not crap, maybe they just have not had the right riders on the bike. We are all too quick to judge but no-one here has ridden any of these bikes so it is difficult for us to judge outside of the facts. What are the facts - the results.

    So, it comes back to business does it not? If your sales person looks good and talks the talk but does not deliver sales, do you keep them employed?
  17. Mate, you make a good point, but the facts are that Suzuki hasn't taken MotoGp seriously from Day 1. Their technical staff are still "old school" Japanese who listen to what the riders say and then do the opposite with the bike because they know better.

    Until they get real about their effort the team will continue to be a joke. The bike suffers from rear-end grip problems that turn into too much rear-end grip about half race distance and fry the tyre. It's been like that now for 3 years and nothing has been done about it.

    Trap speeds show that the bike is achingly slower than the top-flight bikes and the riders' lack of confidence in the bike means that any slipstreaming benefit on the straight is negated by reduced cornering pace.

    A proven World Champion rider with YEARS of experience is still pushing it uphill to finish in the bottom half og the top 10.

    Sorry, mate, it's not the riders, it's the bike.
  18. Double post deleted
  19. Gotta agree - they've had 2 proven, quality riders on those bikes for a few years. The difference between MotoGP and other classes like SBK/AMA is that they are protos, not (however tenuously) production-based. The Suzuki factory is churning out solid bikes, the MotoGP race 'factory' isn't.

    In terms of Capirex vs Vermulen - yes Cappa has had better results this year, but usually only by a couple of places and still in the back half of the field. Go back further than this season and who has won races? And been on the podium a couple of other times?

    I think it would be a great shame to see CV 'wasted' in an uncompetitive team in any competition. Even if he does end up back in WSBK if he can do well he may earn another chance on a bike that actually develops instead of going backwards year to year.