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Vermeulen to Kawasaki WSB in 2010 - 2011

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Weasel, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. Hey folks,

    Just read a report on the Perth Streetbikes Forum that Chris Vermeulen has seemingly signed a 2 year contract with the factory Kawasaki team to compete in the World Superbike Championship in 2010 and 2011.

    I haven't been able to confirm this elsewhere yet, though.

    If it's true, it marks a sad day for Aussie Moto GP fans, as next season we'll be represented only by 1 Casey Stoner.


    "I feel the need.... the need for speed!"
  2. Saw that, too, but I'm a bit skeptical, as I always am with internet rumours. I'd have thought that a rider with his clout could have commanded a much better price with one of the top teams rather than going all the way to the bottom of the heap with the Crapasaki.
  3. Seeing as he offered his services for free to Tech3, it seems not. Toseland was a straight swap @ Yamaha and there aren't a lot of factory teams with spaces.
  4. Clout? He doesn't come with the sponsorship dollars or marketing potential of the Spaniards, Italians, Brits or Yanks. He's been riding on talent and subsequent results, which have run out with the underperforming Zook.

    Would be nice to see him on a bike that can compete, even in Supers. Hope the rumour is off, although even the Kwak would be better than nothing. Just ask Melandri.
  5. Can't compare their underwhelming WSBK bike with the MotoGp bike.
  6. Their underwhelming GP bike you mean? :wink:

    I'm not comparing the bikes, I'm comparing the circumstances of the riders - otherwise unemployed, Kawasaki a less than ideal bike/team, but anything can happen in racing. At least he'd have a ride.
  7. Yep, true, I guess. I would have thought that with Suzuki stuck with the under-performing Kagayama and the injury-prone Neukirchner, they'd have been VERY interested.

    And with Kawasaki probably out of MotoGp altogether in 2010 and factory claims of cost-cutting, I can't see their future in WSBK getting any better any time soon either.
  8. Saw an interview with Chris the other day and he was pretty much saying that he'll be with Kawasaki next year.
    Apparently they are have a fair crack at it and inverting some $$s to it
  9. I suppose there's an argument that stock 'based' superbikes are a more direct marketing tool than proto GP bikes, even if they are the premier class. Hope Kawa do put some effort in for his sake.
  10. According to the commentators on MotoGp last night, the Kawasaki thing is done deal. If only Chris hadn't been so impatient and waited another year in WSBK like Honda wanted him to. He'd have had a "works" Honda ride in MotoGp instead of the POS Snoozooki that he's wasted his considerable talents on for the last 5 years.
  11. He must have gotten some assurances from Kawasaki about the competitiveness of the bike. Maybe they are going to step up their efforts in WSBK for the coming years, now that they are completely out of MotoGP.
  12. You'd sure have to hope so. Where did Broc finish the two races last night? Not at the pointy end, that's for sure.