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Venture rack - advice needed

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by snake, Nov 3, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone recommend a solid/cheap place to get a venture rack installed for a CBR929RR?? Somewhere around Sydney...

    What kind of prices am I looking at?


  2. all places are the same price for the rack and bag.

    installation of the ventura racks is pretty easy.

    if you dont care how it looks. i bought the frame mounts and sports rack with a rjays super top box for less that the ventura bag and rack combo. works well. but it is huge. which is a good thing
  3. MCAS sell Ventura but I'm not sure if they fit as well......
  4. Cheers guys
  5. iIm after the same, for my '93 zzr 250.
    Anyone know anywhere in Melb that is cheap, or maybe I can try a wreckers yard.
    Ebay has nothing unfortunetly 9last time I cheked) and the store I found quoted over 550 bux.
    Bit steep, or usaul price . . ?
  6. Peter Stevens have 15% off for November.
  7. Some times it's worth being nice to your local service manager. Bikes get traded in all the time with Venturas on them. But the bike shops don't leave them on becausee they look gay...lol
    Could be worth ringing a few shops and asking for the service manager. He is the one who will know what's out the back.
  8. Ventura gear is expensive. But it fits and it works.

    My expandable Euro bag was $150 but the rack itself was $330.

    When I bought my Triumph, the retailer said that seeing as I have 2 x Ventura bags, bring in a cut-off of the inside tag and I get $50 off the rack so I paid $280. They are a snack to fit and work well. IE you get what you pay for. Note, I bought throwover Ventura saddlebags and they are BRILLIANT. Only $170 the pair.

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