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Ventura Tailbag Imola 14-22lt (on GS500F)

Discussion in 'Luggage' at netrider.net.au started by fangsta, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hey guys for those interest I thought I would post some pics of my new Imola Venutra Tail bag. Retails for $120.

    Cheaper then the Ventura rack system
    Easy to take off
    Lots of storage 14-22lt expandable
    Secure when riding (feels like a pillion snuggling into you sometimes)

    Not waterproof
    Not steal proof (4 clips ..duh)
    Only 1 main compartment
    Not massive storage like the rack range.
    No pillions



    Not a bad little shopping bag or overnighter , all this was held when NOT expanded (thats a 2kg bag of spuds).


  2. lol love the shopping :biker:
  3. That was a real life example. I was thinking about packing my clothes as a demonstration but didn't want anyone laughing at my Alf t-shirt and spiderman undies.