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Ventura Rack: will the one from my '01VFR, fit on my '06VFR?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by doonx, May 7, 2007.

  1. I have the rack from my 2001 VFR. Will it fit onto my new 2006 VFR ? If no-one knows for sure, what is the best place to go to in order to find out ?

    There are some old threads saying that for sometime now, Ventura wil not supply a rack only unless you supply proof of already having purchased a bag. I have a brand new RJays Expandable Rack Bag that I want to use on the new bike. Will this pose a problem for me should I need to purchase a new Ventura Rack ?

  2. Re: Ventura Rack: will the one from my '01VFR, fit on my '06

    A guy named Tony Molina discussed this a coupla years back over on one of the Yahoogroup bike lists. Might've been Melb-moto.

    Anyway, I've emailed him asking about this. If he's a Netrider, he may respond. He had issues with getting a Ventura rack fitted, I think and the new exhausts compared to the old system.

    I'll pass on any helpful info.
  3. Re: Ventura Rack: will the one from my '01VFR, fit on my '06

    That's correct.

    Go to www.kenma.com.au and follow the links. Kemna is the Aus. importer/distributor for Ventura products. It goes into the so called "legal reasons" why it has this policy.

    or http://www.ventura-bike.com/

    Thing is, it's crap. It's just a way to make more dough. If Ventura had a greater range of luggage for the rack then maybe it wouldn't be an issue.

    As for its concerns, you can overload a Ventura bag just as easily as you can with a Gearsack or an Rjays bag.
  4. thanks mate :)

    I just rang Bike Mart at Ringwood. They told me that the 01 Rack will not fit onto the 06. I'm not at all surprised. He said the rack is $240, less my Netrider discount. I also told him I bought the RJays Bag from him, but that will make no difference to Ventura. He said that if I order the rack without a bag, there will be a $44 surcharge.

    BUT, if someone out there has a Ventura Bag AND would be willing to allow me to have the label from inside it, I can use it and avoid the $44 surcharge.
  5. You know IF you had a bag, or a friend with a bag *cough cough* you could take it down as proof, they say they need a 1/3rd of the tag as proof, but they never even took more than a look at my tag.
  6. I have the cheapest bag that comes with the rack. It's not bad value for $44. I can carry a heap of stuff, plenty of pockets and so on.

    If you splurge on it you get yourself an extra bag that you can use if the Rjays isn't suitable.

    Me, I bought the bippin' lot. Standard rack, bag, sports rack and sports bag, grab rail, and a seat bag which I use as my work bag. The sports bag isn't big enough for my work crap, and it takes half an hour to strap on/unstrap. The seat bag has 4 simple clips. Perfect for what I want.
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