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Ventura Rack - rorting

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by gegvasco, Sep 10, 2005.

  1. Tried to get a new rack for for my new CBR recently and found out that lack of competition is a very bad thing. I already have a bag from my old bike so only wanted the rack. I was told by the shop that Ventura won't supply a rack without proof that you have previously bought a bag! Why the F$%^ should that matter. Not only that but their requirement for proof of previous purchase was the tag from inside the existing bag. I had to make a trip home, rip the bloody thing out of the bag, then make another trip to the shop so they could append the tag to the order. And do I get the tag back when the rack comes in? No way. So there is no way to buy another rack without the bag in the future.

    Of course, on first hearing this ridiculous requirement, my first question was "Does anyone else make racks?" because I wasn't interested in that much dick around. But no there aren't any other quality rack manufacturers. Long live competition!

    Now I understand why I have seen some backyard workshop racks on bikes recently.
  2. Thats right they have had this policy for 6 months or more now, because they were selling heaps of racks and very little bags. The tag inside the bag can be used 3 times, they normally only cut part of the tag out each time. I have already got 2 racks using my tag, but I am sure if you posted something on the forum someone would be happy to give up a tag.
  3. Do they sell the bags separately, cos I have a rack and was thinking about buying a bag?
  4. Yah they will sell you a bag without a rack, just not the other way around.

    The claimed reason was that people were buying Ventura Racks and putting other companies bags onto them (like the RJAY's bag or the Gearsack Bag).

    Why this was bad was never fully explained by them, but the consensus was they don't make much money out of rack sales (if any) and they do from bag sales... so with other manufacturers only making bags the other manufacturers were cherry picking the profits, leaving Ventura with only the loss leader rack sales.
  5. Well, that's the official story, anyway...
    The other version is that Ventura ventured into the US-market, people stuck all sorts of bags on their racks, the things broke resulting in warranty claims, claims for damage caused to bikes etc etc
    By supplying their racks and bags WITH loadlimits, they can circumvent any claims.
    If you have a bag already, EACH tag is worth 3 rack-purchases, with a third of the tag being cut-off by the dealer ordering the rack. The dealer has to sent the tag-bits to the AUS importer at billing-intervalls, otherwise the dealer will be whacked with a $100 surcharge, the reason the dealers are after those tags real badly.

    The smaller sportsbar and sportsrack are tag-free items !!
    The second the purchase includes L-brackets, a 1/3 tag is needed if a Ventura-bag isn't bought at the same time.
    Ventura is doing quite well out of the racks/ brackets alone, they used to have prices from $65 to $145 (depending on complexity) for the L-brackets alone, nowadays they're a standard ~$140... which has roughly doubled the price on quite a few items in their range.
  6. Got a set of 2.hand aero-bags, the 35 and 45 liter combo, zip-together (if wanted) items. They're in real good nick, the colour is a bit sun-faded at the exposed parts, otherwise they're in perfect condition (zips/ buckles/ straps/ stitching...no accident damage etc)
    Bottom of page:

    pm me if interested.
  7. I find this really bad business!
    Can this sort of thing not be reported to the ACCC?
    Daz. :wink:
  8. My thoughts too, surely this is restraint of trade, or retail price maintenance, or something. It's certainly something the Competitions Commisison should be examining.
  9. I had the same problem when I got the GS. I already had my RJ's Bag, but had to borrow a friends label to be able to purchase my racks. I was told that the tag would be returned and so would the extra $40 bond I had to pay! (which three months down the track I am still waiting for :evil: ).

    Also, if you have ventura racks but don't use a ventura bag with them, you will void all warranty or claims on the rack! This absolutely sucks, but what can we do about?
  10. They aren't stopping you from buying another rack (and yes there are other rack manufacturers).

    They aren't stopping you from buying another bag (there are plenty of those).

    They are just saying if you use our rack you use our bag.

    That isn't restraint of trade, it's just smart marketing.
  11. It becomes an issue if Ventura decides to deny a warranty claim because you're using a Gearsack or some other brand of bag.

    The notion that you can overload the rack if a non-Ventura product is used is bollocks. A Ventura bag is just as open to overloading as is any other brand of bag.

    A similar concept is if Sony decides to void its warranty on say, its digital cameras if you use a Sandisk brand of memory stick. Or Epson saying that using aftermarket brand carts in its printers voids warranties.
  12. I would not be surprised.. friggen americans and their stupid lawsuits
  13. I think the point that was trying to be made, was they are able to test their racks are able to take a certain weight while on a certain bike. They can then label their bags at a lot less than these breaking and safe weights, and then use this in a court if some nuff trys to carry 5 bags of concrete home on the back shelf of the rack.
    Im tempted to past a pic of a ZZR1100 rather well loaded, but the owner will murder me :D

    "So you're saying Mr Smith that because the weight that the Ventura rack was able to carry, your bikes front wheel went skyward on take off, causing you to crash through said BMW dealership. To add to which when you finally picked up the bike, the rear rack snapped, dropping the aforementioned bags of concrete on your foot, breaking your ankle? Certainly, heres 4 million dollars."
  14. Sorry to all but sit back and put yourself in the shoes of ventura, I would do exactly the same, the other bag companies are really should make a rack simular to Ventura and the problem is sold, but they don't make them with the same bike range or price point as Ventura.
    This is not just smart marketing, they are protecting thier investment in development of manufacturing racks.
    I have two Ventura racks and think they are fantastic as do many other people, so why should gearsak etc. benefit from Ventura's success.

    Some people mention Competitions Commission or ACCC, come on think about it a bit more, there policy is simple buy a rack and you must buy the bag with it, after all the rack is useless without the bag, but if you currently own a bag we will provide you with a rack only.
  15. Ok, so who is a Melbourne supplier of Ventura?
  16. Most motorcycle shops, such as GT Dandenong, Peter Stevens etc. etc. they will all get them in for you, most stock a good range as they are popular.
  17. And that is anti competitive behaviour, They will not sell you a rack unless you have a
    ventura bag.

    Thats like honda not selling you a bike unless you only use brand X fuel, using brany will void your warrenty.

    Good job all my racks are gearsacks :)
  18. Maybe you should see if you can buy the honda without the fuel tank. :LOL: :LOL:
    or maybe ask Honda to supply a frame because you want to put a yamaha engine in it...
    Personally I would sell them as a package and if you don't like it go for the other options, they don't hold a gun at peoples head to buy them nor do they have the total market to themself.
  19. I have had Ventura in the past and I must say most racks have never quite fitted right. That is to say they do fit but have required "encouragement" to fit. These problems have been mainly with very new model bikes though so prehaps have not had a lot of R&D.

    Something to be weary of thou is Ventura changed the zip they use to zip them together. What it means is that old bags will not zip together with new bags. If you are looking to zip together bags test em first!!!!

    So what happens if you want to just use the rack as a rear grab rail? With the little grab rail bar. Can you order the rack without the bag mounting, but with the grab rail? Im guessing not...hmmmm Personally it shows the Ventura company is of a large enough size now that they can make these sort of demands.