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Ventura Rack Installing for a VTR250

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by g rider, May 13, 2008.

  1. I have bought a VTR250 and I want to install a ventura bag rack, my questions are do I need the service centre to install the rack or can I save myself some money and do it myself, and is there any drilling involved?

  2. g rider, I just had a ventura rack put on my vtr250. My hubby fitted it for me and had no trouble. He just took the seat off and bolted it on through the 2 holes that were already there....easy peasy, no drilling.

    I'm not very tech-savvy about these things, others might have more info for you.

    Oh, and thanks be to Nate for my 'ace ventura' rack :grin:
  3. As fuzzy said it's dead easy, an allen key is the only tool you will need. :)
  4. Please don't do it. :-(

    The VTR250 does NOT deserve to have something as ugly as a <shudder> rack on the back.

    Please use the money instead to buy a scooter to travel to uni, and keep the VTR for capuccino events as it was originally planned.

    All the best ;-)

    Trevor G

    Alternatively fit a hugger - they are so cool...
  5. Huggers may look cool, but they don't carry any extra gear. Ugly or not they serve a purpose. I've got one on my real VTR :p and when its not in use I replace it with the grab bar accessory.

    As to the OP fit it up yourself, you get a full set a 'how too' instructions with the rack :)
  6. :WStupid:
  7. I took mine off(because it looks stupid :p ), but I'll put it back on if I need it. It was absolutely trivial to do, it's about 4(6?) very easy to get to bolts(once you take the seat off).
  8. Best possible mod you can do if you ride your bike often and need to carry gear of any sort.

    puts the enjoyment back into riding cause you don't have a monkey on your back the whole time upsetting your balance (backpack)
  9. Serious?? :? I think you kid Trevor :wink:

    Do it yourself g rider - just follow the directions. Is easy. :) And I've got the 52 litre bag (I think it's 52 litres) and can fit 2 wks worth of travel gear in there, plus tie the sleeping bag/mat/tent to the back of the rack.

    My rack never comes off as I pretty much always use it.
  10. Rosie, Trev aint kidding.

    the VTR sexyness gets turned upside down if you add a rack.
    it just doesnt look hot.
    sure, its practical though, hence why i always left mine on.
    but, like he said, it dont look the part.
    and they do need a rear hugger :wink: :cool:

    but yeeeah back on topic :p DO IT YOURSELF. just in case you didnt listen to the 15 people above me lol
  11. I actually don't think they look that bad :)

    Nibor, I can't believe you're selling that beautiful bike! It's hawt :cool: What ya planning to do when your 6 months is up?