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ventura Rack, can it double as backrest?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by krabi, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Ok, so I have a ventura rack and was wanting to go on a nice long ride with my wife. So, I thought I'd check out some sissy bars and back rests. Well, is she worth over $400 (clearly the answer is yes) but being the poor cheap bastard that I am I thought can't I just convert my Ventura rack into one? I know that the sticker on it said not to be used as a back rest, but if you go on their website and see their little video, it shows a young lass leaning on it with what looks like a purpose built backrest. Anyhow, just after some collective wisdom on the matter or am I just gonna have to fork out the money?

  2. I'm not too sure about cruisers but i wouldn't recommend it on a sports bike. Firstly i know i wouldn't be able to ride if someone's weight was so far back on the bike. Also i wouldn't put my faith in something that's not designed for it.....what if it bends/moves/comes off?

    What you could do is ask your pillion to wear a backpack, that way they can put some pressure on the rack as a backrest whilst still being able to hold onto you. Another one my gf does is sometimes one arm on me and the other on the rack.

    Last point is if pillion comfort is what your after then get one of them seat grip things(triboseat i think). Stops them from sliding around on the seat so makes it more comfortable.
  3. damn straight it can.

    i put my feet up on my oggy knobs, and lay back, arms behind my head, resting on the rack.

    all this when going downhill and with a bit of speed so no wobbling of direction from my movements.

    what can i say, i get lazy :cool:

    if i had a wife i wanted to keep, i wouldnt use the rack though. if she's not holding on to you, and simply using the rack to rest on, then imagine u accelerating away. whatever her weight is, is applied to the rack, and multiplied accordingly, depending on your level of acceleration.

    theyre only built to hold 30kg or so, and the force applied down, not backwards. any more than that, and im seeing some bending/breaking, and not seeing a wife :LOL:
  4. It CAN, but Ventura say you shouldn't.
  5. there is a sticker that is on all (new) ventura racks that specifically says: not to be used as a back rest.

    i've noticed you can add a cushion attachment to a givi top box.

    anyhoo, i told my one time female pillion to hold on to me. :grin: ain't that what it's all about :wink:
  6. They do break if overloaded.

    I she wants something to hang on to, get a grab rail for her and put it on the L brackets. They're about $40 retail
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  7. I already have the grab rail that comes with my bike, and I have a tank bag. I was more hoping that I can have my big ventura bag and make it double as a back rest, but looking at the piping on the L brackets, I can see that it is designed for downward force more than backward. Maybe I can add some supporting brackets? I'll experiment a little before my trip.
    I like the idea of a backpack, too!
    I suppose the main thing is that she won't lean back on it all the time. Plus, I'm not a full throttle type rider on my starts; the benefit of having a slower bike to begin with (I'll use that excuse until I upgrade :grin: ).
  8. Ventura racks have fairly thin bars, i wouldnt recommend leaning on them for a long period of time. Plus the pillion should be holding on to you, so I dont think leaning back is the best option