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Ventura Rack & Bag

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Guest, Dec 18, 2005.

  1. G'day,

    I after some feedback on Ventura Rack & Bags, all welcome.


  2. theyre great , expensive as hell but great and they wont sell you a rack without proof 1st you own a ventura bag if its only the rack you are after .... i had to cut off 1/2 the tag out of my old bag to buy a replacement rack for my new bike
  3. ?????????????

    Never heard of that B4, I replaced my rack awile ago with no questions asked..... didn't even have the bag, in fact i use my Gearsac bag on mine now.

    :LOL: :twisted:
  4. thats the excuse the bike shop gave me , they had to order in the rack for me and send the 1/2 tag with it to prove i wasnt buying a ventura rack to use a gear sack bag on it , because gearsack isnt around anymore and they have the market i guess theyre just bein pricks
  5. Same here, had to get a Ventura bag to get the rack. But that was fine, it's a fantastic rack and bag. Love it. Fits and looks great.


  6. I got a GS500 and got a the rack and bag in the deal ,not sure on price maybe $350 -$400 fitted.
    I got a big bag ,it's huge like a esky ,and it unzips to make it even taller ,and a few pockets.
    with the bag and a back pack ,you could have enuf clothes for a weekaway.. easy.
    Don't even notice it when its got lots of stuff in it ,no weight difference ,that i noticed when riding.
    Having said that ,im still going to get a tank bag ,as it's easyer to carry around ,as you got to carry this big bag around if you don't want it to be stolen.

    Im a newbie ,so thats about all I can offer.
    cheers Sled.
  7. I've had 4 of them over the years... they work very well.

    Some of the racks are a bit of work to fit by yourself but most are ok.

    The bags and zips last well, but the color does fade out of them after a while...
  8. as i asked in the other thread.. does any bag fit on any rack.. i have a ventura rack, but no bag.. and im looking for a bag to take to tassie for xmas. can i go buy a dririder or some other wone and know its gnna fit on the ventura rack??
  9. I replaced my 35l ventura bag with an Rjays "Explorer" just for touring.
    Starts about 48L and expands upwards and the side pockets expand out to a total of 87L. Fits nicely on the ventura rack and is securable on the rack with a couple of padlocks. the main compartment is also lockable, comes with a storm cover that fits under the bag when not in use.

    A great bag IMHO,

    Cost $129 from Bikemart in Ringwood
  10. I wont have a bike with out a rack now, even my old beeza has a rack.
    Oh and I use a motodry bag that seems to fit any rack.
  11. i went shopping today i the city.. found a bag im gunna pick up tomorrow.. im gunna go with a motodry expandable.. id go out to bikemart for a look, but hoppers to ringwood is more than a fair hike.. so for something like a bag, ill happily shop in the city.. esp as im not paying for it. tis a big expandable bag, probably bigger than the accross.. i guess that means my handbag is now a suitcase huh???
  12. Ventura setups rock :D

    I've had one on my zx6 for 6 months now, and i basically don't leave home without it

    you can buy the rack without the bag, you have two options, you have to supply a tag from a ventura bag (only a third - it's marked on the tag) or they will charge you a $50? surcharge. The bags can be bought seperately as well. The 51L aero is the most common one, I even managed to squeeze a 2 piece leather suit in one!

    Not 100% sure but i think you can still get gearsack racks
  13. I found you get a different story depending where you go.

    I went to Yamaha City and they told me I would need the tag off a Ventura bag to buy just the Ventura rack. Peter Stevens told me that I could get the Ventura rack without a Ventura bag but there'd be a $40 surcharge.

    As I said, different place, different story.
  14. they're both correct
    you can buy it without the bag they charge you
    or supply the tag and save money