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Ventura rack & bag - theft protection?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Siilk, May 18, 2016.

  1. I bought myself a ventura rack with a bag. Like it so far but I'm a bit concerned by how easy it is to remove the bag(or even disconnect the rack itself, leaving only L-brackets) with no tools or anything. So I wonder if any of you guys can suggest some sort of anti-theft contraption I can use to make sure the bag(and the rack itself) is securely attached to the bike and are not that easy to remove. For the bag itself, I think I can use a small d-lock or a lockable spring hook of sorts to lock it onto the rack but I'm not sure how to prevent the rack from being taken off the L-brackets. Any suggestions are welcome. :)

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    You could run a security wire or bike chain around the rack and through some part of the bike frame. would mean would be thieves need to cut this rather than just remove rack or bag. Chain can be kept in bag, or if there's a way to attach it without it rattling or falling into your rear wheel, attached permanently to the bike.

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  3. I have used ventura racks for over a decade on many different bikes and never had an issue with anyone tampering with one.
    Having said that I am careful about where I park and take the bag with me if I am leaving the bike for any length of time. It is a 30 second job to take the bag off, so why not?

    You could come up with some ingenious way of deterring someone from stealing it but that would only stop the honest thieves anyway.

    At the end of the day, determined prick/s and 30 seconds with a pipe cutter or cordless grinder will negate all of your efforts anyway. Or they will just lift the bike onto a ute and take the whole bike in the same amount of time!
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  4. Yeah, sounds like a good solution.

    True, if someone is determined and prepared, there's nothing I can do. So my goal is to stop opportunistic thieves and make it obvious that it wouldn't be possible to just grab the bag and go.
  5. Why would a thief need to go to such extravagant lengths? All they need is a half decent knife and whatever is in the ventura bag is theirs.
  6. I reckon the bag or what is inside it would be the only thing an opportunistic thief would get to ( unless they are carrying multigrips to undo the lock nuts on the rack which would make them a well prepared opportunist LOL) so a lock of some sort on the bag to keep it attached to the rack and another to discourage them from seeing whats inside the bag would be it I reckon.
  7. A knife wouldn't remove the rack from the L racks, which is what I was referring to with my extravagant toolage!

    The rack being removed was one of the OPs issues. Plus the thief would have bought the cordless grinder as a tax write off, so why not use it?LOL
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  8. My point is that regardless of how secure the rack is to the bike and the bag to the rack, it only takes a sharp(ish) knife to gain entry to the bag and knick whatever is in there.
  9. Yep and that was pretty much my point but without the knife!
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  10. My best advice is to not keep anything of any value in the bag if you're not right next to it, and make sure your rack and bag are included in your insurance.
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  11. I don't keep anything of value in the bike bag when I'm away from it. However, bag and rack themselves are of quite a value, hence the question.
  12. Does the L bracket bolt onto its supports ? With a nut and bolt ?
    If so, possibly replace one of the bolts with a lock.
    If not, can you drill through a section where the L frame slides over the supports so that you can add a lock there ?
    It shouldn't need to be too large and effectively would sit on the rack under your bag.

    Alternatively you could add ( weld ) a small plate onto the support and L bracket to do the same.
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  13. I use a cable in the bag, but mainly to link thru the helmet if I leave the helmet in the bag. Run the cable thru the sleeve of a jacket, and it is not worth taking either. One end of the cable can be on the helmet lock on the frame, the other end just linked back usin the lock.
    If they really want anything, they will just take it. Or destroy it. Either way, they dont care.

    Just give them a reason to try another bike and move on.
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  14. I use a Pacsafe exomesh backpack and bag protector. Mesh goes over the bag which can be tightened so that it cannot be removed. The tightening cable can then be locked to the frame for additional security. Expensive, but appears to be effective. Word of warning though, don't ride with it on as it will scratch your paintwork.
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  15. Thanks for the replies everyone, a lot of good advices here. I think a steel cable through the bag is the best middle ground between safety and ease of use but the pacsafe mesh looks interesting as well, might come in hand for extra protection.
  16. In terms of stopping someone pinch the bag I have a $5 bicycle chain threaded through the bag and main rack part to the pillion hand grip to stop it being taken off the bike, if someone brings boltcutters and other tools to my bike the packrack is the least of my worries. The bolts have threadlocker in them however that was more to stop the bolts vibrating loose.

    I've had some bogan snap a padlock off the bag to look through however nothing was taken...guess my books on object orientated programming wasn't worthy enough for stealing.
    Now I don't bother locking it or even zipping it up all the way.
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  17. The only truly 'secure' luggage is the hard lockable type

    But even then, as mentioned - a determined thief will only see this as a mild nuisance.
    Nothing a pry bar, cutter or lock-pull won't get through rather quickly.
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  18. That totally destroys the cool look of the MT-09 but...
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  19. Yeah and unlike hard luggage, a Ventura luggage system enhances the look of any bike! LOL
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  20. Oh - I agree.
    Not my kinda thing - Kriega FTW.

    Just sayin' - really no such thing as 'secure' moto luggage.
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