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Ventura lost my business!

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by peter-reebok, Jan 25, 2007.

  1. Have had Ventura bags for a long time.
    Had the Ventura rack for a long time.

    When changing from one bike to another, I used to be able to buy just the L Brackets, and I was home.

    Now, I must have them cut up the label from my bag, order the brackets, Pay for the brackets,wait 6-8 weeks, and then fit them.

    But they have revised their pricing upwards- the brackets for my l;atest bike are $165, and that includes my special $110 discount because I sent in my tag from the bag. Otherwise $275

    Oh, they are not in stock, and I will have to wait for next production before they can accept my 6-8 week order.

    Guess where they can insert their brackets from now on!

    Will be making my own brackets - and they can take a running jump.

    Never buy their stuff again.
  2. They is uglee anyway. your better off without them.
  3. Haha :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Sounds ridiculous with cutting the label and waiting 2 months for brackets! "im.on.it" is right!
  4. What a huge load of Bullshit, surely there is some law against this? give the ACCC a call and see what they say.
    youknow the other thing you could try? give the motorcycle wreckers in your area a call and see if you can score a secondhand rack, they get wrecked bikes in all the time and sell the racks, I got the rack for my wife like this
  5. Got the rack, need the L Brackets.

    BTW, did you just say your wife has a nice rack?
  6. [-X

    very naughty ;)
  7. where else will you go for all your pet detection needs?
  8. That sounds like a fair swap to me...... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Mmmm, I was just looking at their website last night... Since I'm ****ed off at another businness for giving me the "it'll be ready when its ready" run around I think I'll just hold off and do some research...
  10. Don't forget to check out ebay. You quite often see them on there.

    It's a rort with the tags, but that's how they operate. They want the proof that you are putting on one of their bags and not another brand. Also, if you aren't using one of their bags with it, it will void any warranty on the rack :roll: :evil:
  11. My wifes rack is ok, although it is second hand it serves the purpose it was designed for, but its not the most important part of what you ride, I think the rack just makes it nicer and gives you something to hold onto.
  12. You recon??? I think Id want a new bag as well :LOL: :LOL:
  13. :rofl:
  14. Solved!

    Apart from giving me the best laugh in ages, this thread has been useful.

    Now have brackets I made myself, total cost less than $15.

    Took about 30 mins to make, tube and some fittings from bunnings, couple of pop rivets, heatproof paint, bake in oven, can be fitted or removed with four bolts.

    Furniture caps in the ends of the tubes, all ok!
  15. mate, i'd be interested in seeing pictures of this, if that's possible.
  16. Well done, and will do exactly the same thing as what ventura want gold bullion for :)
  17. Will post pictures when I fit the rack/bag. Afraid I may be embarrassed by my workmanship! Seats off at present having some custom butt buffers added to improve my sore butt. Sheepskin bought on ebay for $20, that will provide 3 seat covers! Wife to do the sewing.

    I looked at quite a few bikes and how their racks were mounted, and decided that I would refit the pillion seat, and 'rest' the bag on the pillion seat when using it, (also makes a nice backrest!) with the option of turning the bag around and allowing the pillion to have somewhere to sit.

    This way I can anchor the front of the bag (a 56L rally bag) to the pillion seat, the back is anchored by the rack, and it is supported from rocking back and forth, so maybe my el cheapo brackets wont fatigue as quickly as they might. It also leaves room at the rear for the sleeping bag etc, and places the weight over the rear wheel instead of behind it.

    In two weeks, I am off on a 4000km trip, (upgraded now to 4 days) so will have a ride report then as well.
  18. What did you make the tubes from? What sort of steel and where can it be purchased?

    Anyway, the photos look impressive. Enjoy your touring.