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Ventura Grab-rail accessory

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hadsom, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. I had been flirting with the idea of getting the Ventura grab-rail for my GPX for awhile. The reason being, that I don't regularly use the bag rack and would prefer the natural look of the back of the bike without it.

    However, I didn't want to go through all the hassle of taking the whole thing off and putting it back on everytime I did need to carry some gear with me. So the Grab-rail seemed like a good idea.

    Do others have the grab-rail?

    Do they find it easy to switch back and forward when necessary or just a waste of time and they no longer change it, opting for the one rack all the time?

    I also read a topic awhile ago on this forum regarding the theft of a Ventura rack (sorry for not quoting the actual topic) and thought if someone goose wants to steal the $35 grab rail good luck to them. (Bad luck if I find them!)

    At least the more expensive bag rack is still safe at home.

    Cheers for your thoughts.
  2. I've got the lot - grabrail, sports rack (and bag) and the standard rack for Ventura luggage as well as Ventura's seat bag.

    It takes two seconds to swap between either grab rail, sports rack or the main rack. There's a screw on each side with a thumbwheel lock nut. They can be tightened or loosened using the special tool that comes with it, or you can nip them up hand tight.

    I leave the sports rack on most times as it's not obtrusive looking and I carry a pair of wet weather pants and sundry bits and pieces.

    I also have a Ventura seat bag which has its mounting straps permanently mounted (I don't carry pillions). I use the seat bag as my work bag, so I can either clip it to the bike or chuck it on the pax seat if I drive in. If I don't take it then I throw my lunch into the sports bag.
  3. Thanks for your reply.

    Yes, it was easy to swap the grab-rail on.

    I think it will be the thing that I leave on most of the time and put on the rack if I am off somewhere.

    Seemed a nifty little item, that's why I bought it. Hadn't noticed many of them on other bikes though so wasn't sure how popular it might have been.
  4. 'hadsom', do you park it out on the street or leave the bike unattended during the day?

    if you're worried about the 'bag rack' being stolen by some low-life opportunist get yourself a cable, put it through the rear wheel and the rack and lock it.

    if "they" want it they'll get it but this is a method of deterrent i use.
  5. Generally not. If it is at work, I can park around beside the building. It is still only a couple of metres from one of the main roads in the town. It wouldn't take much just to jump the small fence there. Nick it and be off out of the town.

    Not that I imagine this is a regular occurrence anywhere. But I am just thinking safety first.

    But I also wanted to try and reclaim the uncluttered look of the rear end. This will allow me to do it in part.

    Thanks for the suggestion though. It's probably something I will do for when the rack is on.
  6. Hmm. Pics? I did a quick Google but came up with nothing.

    Sounds like something I'd like to take a look at :)

  7. Have a look at the pics in my garage. I have one there with a pic from the back with the grabrail.

    It isn't a great pic but might give you an idea on how it will look on yours.