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Ventura grab handle

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Pjcliffo, Dec 28, 2012.

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  1. Anyone got a ventura rack grab handle they want to sell at a reasonable price? Cheers

  2. Just buy a new one!! ($40.00) Plus you didn't say what size you need!!
  3. The rack comes in 2 sizes but as far as I know the grab handle bar only comes in one size.
  4. I just learned last week that depending on the model of bike and 'L' bracket, the distance between the vertical slots can vary so there must be different handles to suit the differing width
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    According to the Ventura website there are 10 sizes of racks and 5 sizes of grab handles.


    ETA and the brackets are specific to the bike model, although I imagine a bracket type might fit several bikes. I bought mine second hand but it had fitted a Ninja of some description, so didn't need as much adjustment as it could have.
  6. I need a size 12 rack if anyone knows of one going. :)
  7. Sure you don't want to go up a size or 2 there streety. Size 12 is only a handful.
  8. Well, lucky I didn't buy second hand then as I had thought only the l bar brackets were specific to that bike and that all the rest was the same.
  9. I've got a 15 atm. The Ventura kit uses a 12.
  10. I've still got the ventura rack and handle from my 2011 Z1000, I'm popping over to the mainland in a few days and I'll check the size and let you know.
    I don't have the side rails any more - they went with the bike.
  11. Z1000 uses the size 12 (on the Ventura site), so should be a perfect fit. (y)
    Send me a PM on $$ & a meet up :)
  12. size 12 rack (BOOBS) you nong

    As for ventura racks....don't ask me I have a sissy bar/luggage rack & saddlebags
  13. PM Sent.
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