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Ventura bags NOT waterproof

Discussion in 'Luggage' at netrider.net.au started by reggie, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. :( :!:
    Thought I should put in words for others considering a Ventura bag purchase.
    On a trip to Bendigo from Adelaide I had wet gear from my new 35 and 57 litre ventura bags.
    Having spent 100`s of dollars on this system for this trip I would have expected them to be at least waterproof.
    Being ex army the thought of puting my gear inside a garbage bag and then in the bag did cross my mind.
    To make something for a bike to carry luggage and not to be waterproof is to me a bloody disgrace i will use a 20cent plastic bag in future but be warned.

  2. Ventura bags have never been water proof in heavy rain... for that matter I've not come across soft luggage that is 100% waterproof (ever!).

    Some of the ones with separate external covers come close though...
  3. Ding Dong.
    Most luggage systems come with a rain cover zipped into the bottom flap of the bag (both Ventura and RJ's).
    If for some reason you bought one that hasn't the easiest trick (and for textile wet weather jackets) is to get a can of silicon or waterproffing spray and use the whole can to treat it.

    You may need to recoat this every 6 months or season.

  4. strange, I have a 45 and 55 litre that zip together back to back, and didnt leak the whole way back from PI to Adelaide in the rain the other weekend. Maybe I got lucky? I know if you over fill them you stress the seams and the water can defeat the membrane at that spot, which after a while could lead to a fair bit of water... were they choccers?
  5. I always pack my stuff inside a big plastic bag and then put it in the Ventura....
  6. Yep one thing they are not is waterproof, especially in heavy rain. That's why they sell storm covers for them.

    I always used plastic bags but now I have a top box and dont have the hassle. :)
  7. Ventura NOT waterproof

    :shock: :oops:
    Yep both bags were chockers.
    As far as zip in liners must havebeen ripped at the store as none to be found.
    I am happy with the versatility of the bags as a system just need to put the old boyscout hat on before the next trip,thanks.
  8. Another tip to minimise water exposure - place the bag/sack so that it sits over the pillion seat. This will protect it from the spray from the back wheel which has caused me some grief in the past.

    Also, being close to and behind you it gets further protection from the elements. But it won't replace using a storm cover or putting your stuff in a garbag.
  9. My wifes Ventura bag came with a Ventura waterproof slip on cover....

    A lot better than the garbage bag
  10. cheap alternative:


    i put this over the outside. have had not issue.
  11. nah they're not waterproof - resistant i hear is the word. i had mine on during a downpour from hell for anout 45 mins and it just got a little moist on the outside. mind you i was keeping it at 110 to get through the storm. i guess i was the protection. i love my ventura.. it loves me also.
    just spray it
  12. Interesting stuff. I have recently purchased the 35 and 55ltr Aero bags and I've been through a few downpours without issue. I will go over them with scotchguard or the like and will investigate storm covers.
  13. Move to Melbourne. It doesn't rain here.

    Glad you brought it up as I take my laptop in my Ventura bag. It won't like getting wet.
  14. Nelson Rigg Survivor Series is 100% waterproof and guaranteed. And I can vouch for it too as I've never had a drop enter my bags. :grin:
  15. None of the bags I've owned had ever been waterproof.
    MotorDry: NOPE
    RJays: NOPE
    Ventura: NOPE

    +1 Thats why I have a storm cover
  16. Good job with the Photos, now Im for sure going to get the bags. what size laptop can you fit into that tank bag?