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Ventura bag zip

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, May 29, 2008.

  1. Hey all. My ventura bag zip is being naughty. It's gone quite stiff and keeps opening up (zip's not catching) when I try to close it. Seems to be getting worse too. Spent a fair while last night trying to close it.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this before it gets any worse?

  2. There are some places that will replace the old worn zip on your bag with a new zip.

    There used to be a guy at the vic market that would do this... not sure if he's still there though.
  3. get a rjay expandable bag for it rosie.....means you can carry more crap on tours :wink:
  4. Perhaps Katcando can sow in a new one for you?
  5. If the zip is stiff and opening up behind the slider when you try to zip it up, then the metal channels in the slider are worn, rather than the zip itself. (Although the zip itself may also be a bit worn.) Sometimes gentle use of pliers on the usually soft and fairly fragile slider to close the zip channel width at the back end can give you a reprieve so that the zip works for a while longer. But sometimes they just break, and if it fixes the zip, it wont last long.

    You may be able to get someone to replace just the slider, rather than sew in a whole new zip, which is likely to be more expensive, and take time as someone will need to find a zip long enough.

    Of course, you may want a new, stronger zip installed anyway, so that the problem doesn't recurr.

    Anyway, Katcando, or

    Walkalong Leathers Travel & Shoe Repairs 515 Camberwell Rd Camberwell 3124 (03) 9889 2800 OR... (03) 9889 2838

    is almost on your way home from Prahran (if you still go there), or probably a bunch of places, if you just want to replace the slider.
  6. Get some Ezy Glide and spray it on. It may help if the zip is not too far gone.

    As others have said it is probably just a matter of replacing the slider.

    Another good place is Remote Repairs in the city. http://www.remoterepairs.com.au/
  7. Yeah I reckon it's the slider. Worked out otday that if I hold the slider a certain way whilst zipping, it'll behave itself. Will do the spray stuff that Pete recommends, but looks like I'm gonna have to get the slider replaced as I don't like the idea of being stuck with a stuffed up zupper and a bag full of stuff, miles from home.

    Stewy - the poor Ventura bag sure gets a workout - I'm one of those people who has to pack too much - even on trips to uni I shove things in there that I very rarely need....no wonder it's having a nervous breakdown. I reckon if i had a bigger bag I'd still manage to fill it full of shit everytime I go out. :LOL: