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Venting Some Frustration

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by dracomjb, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Urgh, seems as if my VN900 Custom is starting to become nothing but trouble.

    Ever since it had it's 24,000km major service after a year of riding it I've had problems. First it was an engine whine that one dealer can't work out what is causing it, now it's a partially snapped clutch cable that no dealer in Melbourne has stock of and Kawasaki Australia are waiting for a shipment to arrive so it could be a weeks wait.

    Urgh. At least car dealers will organise loan cars when you need your main mode of transport, yet the 2 bike dealers most convenient to me won't. Seems that the west side of Melbourne has 2 options for Kawasaki dealers Race Replica and Peter Stevens and neither of them offer loan bikes.
  2. that sucks mate... call around to other Kwaka dealers venting your furstration, and ask them if they can help you?
  3. Most of the Kawasaki dealers in the Eastern Suburbs are owned by Peter Stevens (Ringwood and Ferntree Gully) - the only one that I am aware that is independent is the one in Dandenong.

    Good Luck.
  4. I called every dealer in Melbourne, hoping that one of them would have the cable they could courier to me.

    Rang Kawasaki Australia and their parts person said there was 1 shipment on its way so maybe a week, they also checked and 10 had been ordered in the past in single items which they expect is only when someone needs a replacement part for a service.

    I decided to take it to Race Replica given that the clutch cable is hanging on by 2 threads of wire it's not ride-able so I've asked them to investigate the whining noise while I wait for the clutch cable to arrive.

    So, with the wife's "bike" in being repaired still I have to resort to public transport for a week or so
  5. Don't just limit yourself to Melbourne when looking for parts.

    I needed a front rim for my Kwaka and was told there were none available and it was on back order from Japan.

    The mechanic found one sitting in a dealership in Brisbane took 48 hors to have it sent down here.
  6. That's one of the reasons I rang Kawasaki Australia. The parts guy I spoke to said that the order pattern looked like they were being ordered for replacement rather than stock.

    Given that I'm expecting the engine whine investigation to take a little while and I was trying to find the time to take it into Race Replica to have a look it's providing me with an opportunity for that, just not looking forward to using public transport
  7. Maybe Kawasaki needs to be looking at this. It seems strange that they are starting to break. How long have they been available now for? Or has it been due to lack of lubricating at services? Just very odd. :(
  8. I can only assume that Peter Stevens has been missing the regular lubrication