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Venting on behalf of a semi-driver

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ad91on, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. I feel that i have to voice this guys obvious disdain at something i saw this morning.

    Wakehurst parkway, set of lights just pass that big intersection heading towards Mona Vale. He was in the left lane merging right, first in the queue at the lights and had two cars beside him (i was the second one, yes i was driving a car don't kill me my bike was in for service).

    So we take off at the lights, i get in front of him with plenty of room but the tossers behind me in the saab convertible decide that they need to be in front of him too. By that stage the trucky (he was in a semi, a tipper one, no trailer) was half way across the lane, and i watched with great amusement as these f**ktards in the saab (two old women) swerve wildly to get around him and pretty much cut him off.

    About a second later, the trucky decides to use his airhorn for about 15 seconds on them. I was like 100m away from him with the windows down and it was all i could hear. It was really, really, really funny. The old women gave the biggest "sorry" waves i've ever seen, and i can just imagine the fun the trucky would have had blasting his horn for all that time!

    Moral of the story is - don't cut off a truck with your top down if you're driving a convertible, you will receive deafness if you're under 55. And if you're over 55, well, you shouldn't be showing your face in a convertible. :grin: :grin:

    Left me smiling all day, feeling pretty good that i'm not the only person who gets frustrated at people's stupid driving.

    End rant on behalf of truckie.
  2. I know how the truckie feels - last time I was cut off forcing me to e-brake to a stop, I just held the horn on for about five seconds to express my sentiments, then loaded up 8 grand and blasted out of there. It's a tad juvenile, but the message needs to be communicated - loud and clear. :p
  3. The benefits of being cut off by Armaguard? :p
  4. Ha! I read it the same way.
  5. You mean in 14 years time I have to sell my Saab Convertible???????
  6. I think the wind smoothes out the old ducks' face when the top is down in a convertible. So, I think it's beneficial to be in a convertible when your older; provided you're constantly moving! :)
  7. Honestly, i question why you bought a saab convertible in the first place, but yes, you will have to sell it in 14 years otherwise the young people will mock and scorn you until your hair turns grey...

    Alternatively, just wear a helmet when you have the top down. :grin:
  8. A guy in my learners course said it perfectly "Everybody who wants to drive a car should have to take a course in truck driving and motorbike riding, not a full course, just enough to get an appreciation of what its like, before they can get their car license"