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venting my jealous rage

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. :twisted: :twisted: a mate of mine just bought his cousins boyfriends track tuned 99, rs 250 with 7 months reg... for $7k so jealous!!!!!!!!! if anyone has anything ridiculously cheap.... memememememememememememe I WANT IT I NEEEEEED IT

  2. You off restrictions, are you?
  3. flex - $7k for a 250 is ridiculously cheap is it? :shock: :shock: :LOL:

    sonja - why would he have to be off restrictions? its a 250 :?:
  4. coconuts check his siggy :)
  5. And also an RS250 is not learner legal in NSW!! So either going by the post or sig he would need to be off his restrictions to ride either bike.
  6. but he's jealous of a mate getting a 250, sounds to me like thats what he's aiming at. i could have read that wrong tho, it could be "my mate has a 250 so i want a zx14" if so, my bad :wink:
  7. looks like i missed the bit where he said where he's from....
  8. Where is the love? All these sarcastic overtones :p
  9. i only meant in comparison to a regular priced rs250... i'm just dirty coz i dropped my bike!!! he rode a gt750 til it died... but now he's actually going to get his license so he's getting a 250. i just want cheap things you missed the point!!! give me money everyone pleeeeeeeease. i'll do nothing for it i promise!!
  10. This is a 250 2-stroke so it is one of those "Still a 250 cc bike but it has to much power for a L/P Plater so we are going to put it on the ban list."

    Still I've know L-platers who still ride them.
  11. yeah, we know enuff that ride them down here too.... its plenty legal to ride them in vic :wink:

    and what does a 99 rs250 normally go for? surely $7k is normal/pricey??? its a 7 year old thrashed out 2 stroke 250 FFS!!! :rofl:

    i'll sell you a 99 zx7r for $6k, cheap as chips! :LOL:
  12. Yeah I'm not sure why it is suck a good deal. And if its track tuned does that mean track raced then, especially with a 2 stroke, you really are getting yourself into a whole bunch of trouble.
  13. I'ld say your mate got ripped off.

    First off there's no such a thing as a track tuned - it's either been thrashed around like Paris Hilton's crouch or has dropped on the deck more often than Tiara Reids on her drunken spree. I'm sure it has some nice bits - but reality is it's been hammered more often than Lindsay Lohan. So for me I wouldn't pay anymore than 4k for an ex trackie.

    Secondly, it's a 99 model - meaning it's been thrashed around way before Paris Hilton became famous. I sold my 2002 for 5k. Sure it had some scratches on the left side, but she still goes.

    Anyway they're a beut them RS250s..
  14. I've had a look on bikesales and bikepoint.

    $7,000 isn't cheap but it's not a rip off either. There's some below that and some above that. But if it's been used as a track bike and not been rebuilt it's well worth avoiding!
  15. myeh i thought they were like 12 but thats prob for a newer one... all i was doin was having a biatch i like how people make storms in teacups ::grin:: at least i know where to ask advice though