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vented sports boots - $$ no option

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by nibor, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. ok im after some decent sports boots, i want plenty of protection, and ventilation for hot days. i've already got some waterproof touring boots, so no need to skimp on sporty armoury bits :p

    as all my other gear is A*, ive been mainly looking at some of the A* boots like Supertech, Supertech R, SMX R, SMX Plus, SMX 4.
    oddly, the Supertech R isnt even listed on the A* website, but its clearly a different boot, see here.

    and is it worth buying this stuff from overseas? obviously i'd be fitting size here, but an aussie $600 pair of Supertech's is only $480 shipped.

    who has any of these boots? and in particular the vented versions of them? what do you think of it?

    cheers guys :)
  2. if money is no object, sidi vertigo corsa air's
  3. +1 ^^

    I have Sidi Vertigos, which I find ventilated enough as is, so the fully perforated Vertigo Airs must be awesome :cool: . I almost bought them but wanted a more all-round boot that would be ok in wet weather. My only gripe is that the ba$tards squeak a bit when I walk :oops: . But otherwise the Vertigos are great, i love em

    Don't bother buying from a dealer if you know what size you need. Buy them OS (e.g. www.newenough.com). You'll get better service and a better price, as you know. Stuff lining the pockets of locals who just can't get their head around competitive pricing :roll:
  4. Give 'em a squirt of WD40. Takes the squeak away.
  5. I have some SMX 4's, compared to my DriRider boots they are much much cooler (well duh I hear you say). 40deg + days are not too bad, the decent vents mean that your boots don't fill up with sweat. The other interesting thing with these boots is that they are rather water proof, only in one major downpour did my feet get wet.

    I got my boots on the cheap, so I'm not sure how they stack up in regards to value for money.
  6. got any more going on the cheap? : :grin:

    and any links to overseas suppliers would be sweet guys. i keep forgetting all the OS websites. all i remember is kneedraggers, now newenough will be tagged too. cheers :)
  7. Yep! Way comfy, great protection and as far as boots go, damn sexy!
  8. +1 to the buying OS. Just go to your dealer, try some on to get the size and buy online. Try the american ebay site as well. You will save a fair bit.
  9. Hey nibor. I've got the Sidi Vertigo Corsa boots and they're cool and comfy as.

    I hadn't heard about the Airs, so just had a look at some further info...if the outer shell is perforated to let air in, then what's to stop them letting water in? I'd be checking to see just how waterproof they are before buying.
  10. thye're not designed to be waterproof
    they're designed to be cool
  11. well after al lthe reccomendations of the sidi vertigo corsas n airs, ive gone and tried on some.... A* supertech R's :LOL:

    theyre so freakin comfy!! and damn good protection too.
    i think i needa try on the sidi's, but ive heard alot about them being for narrow feet, and my feet are broad all the way towards the toes, hence why i sold the Setup Australia boots, as they were narrow/uncomfortable down towards my toes.

    the hunt is on! :twisted:
  12. Boat feet here too... And I loves me my Vertigos. Get the Corsa, they have an adjustable span across the widest part of your foot.
  13. yeah but u cant widen an already narrwo boot. but then if they fit you :p
    speaking of you, i popped down to coffee last night, saw u n someone else heading back up williamstown rd, im thinking i missed it all :( made it tho with people there :grin:

    and speaking of rip-off.
    aus purchased supertech R - $600 AUD
    US purchased including shipping - $420 AUD (so far. im now about to haggle the retailer :p)
  14. Thanks! I'll give it a go :grin:
  15. What about summer boots when $$ is a factor?

    I'd like to get a pair of boots before I head off on a 3 day ride that's coming up. My Alpinestars have that gortex stuff in 'em and on warm days they can get quite uncomfortable. On hot days, forget it.
  16. how much can u afford?

    basically, it'd still reccomend buying OS. for instance, the A* S-MX R boot, why pay $500 locally, when u can pay ~$290 AUD including shipping. for the same boot.

    theyre a bloody decent boot, and their's a fully vented version in the black :grin:
    im actually really debating about these

    or the S-MX Plus for like $40 more!

  17. wow i should be an A* rep :grin: :cool: :LOL: