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Vented Jackets - your thoughts?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by need4speed, Jan 27, 2006.

  1. Im new to this site, so please accept my apologies if this topic has already been discussed.

    Now that the whether is getting so damn hot, i was wondering what every bodies thoughts are on vented riding jackets.

    Do they offer proper protection?

    Does the vent system actually make riding more pleasurable in the heat, or should one play russian roulette and ride with no riding gear?

    Which vented jacket is best value for money?
  2. Welcome, NFS!! (1 or 2?? :LOL:)

    I have an RJays JetStream, armour in the shoulders and elbows, and nothing beats it on a hot day. Cost me $165.

    On REALLY hot days, soak the jacket in water (can't do THAT with a leather jacket) and it'll keep you cool for around half an hour before it dries out!

    Haven't had a crash in one (not planning on it either), but haven't worn my Rivet Leather jacket since I bought the JetStream....
  3. I have a motodry Xvent here in QLD.

    It works really well at keeping me cool. Not sure how it would look after a stack, but the vents are in areas that don't hit the ground first (I think anyway).

    It's going to offer more protection then a t-shirt :)
  4. i worry little about the ones that are primarily mesh, i cant see how they could protect you as well as a solid jacket. but the odd vent in a well placed area would be HEAVEN on a hot day i reckon and should still provide the proper protection.

    RM should have a new jacket for me soon, copy of the tstunt with nice vents in it. will reserve judgement on the vents till i get it and test it out :grin:
  5. thanks

    i was actually looking at the alphine stars vent or the dri-rider airflow

    i know alphine is a better jacket but its heavy and not as vented as the dri-rider airflow

    hornet600: neither 1 or 2 rather topgun :)...great idea bout the water soak will def keep that in mind

    rbarge: ur right it will give me more protection than a t
  6. I have a dririder climate control. Feels good when moving, (even in a hotwind it's not too bad) but can be a little uncomfortable when standing around, or there's no breeze.

    I'm not sure how useful the winter liner that comes with it will be. I plan on getting a leather vest to wear when it gets colder.
  7. I couldn't stand the heat in my leather jacket anymore, so took the plunge last weekend, bought a spyke mesh-type jacket ($330 from moto one, oakleigh). Muuuuuchhh better, it kinda freaked me out for the first few kays though, doesn't really feel that safe going from leathers, but better then falling off a bike from heat stroke!
  8. I've got a totally vented jacket at the moment - Joe Rocket Phoenix.

    I love it. It still gets hot when you're sitting at the lights, but as soon as you take off the breeze is brilliant, feels like wearing a t-shirt. Your body sweat evaporates and cools you down beautifully.

    Protective padding is large, solid and reasonably well-anchored to your shoulders, elbows and back.

    I don't feel unsafe in it - although I probably shouldn't keep bringing it out on high-speed scratching days, they're not made for fast crashes or slides. But it's so COMFY!
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  10. I have a rivet airtex , it has shoulder elbow and back protection , the vented areas are good they practically cover the front and back cost me 220 bucks, got caught in the rain in it once , when i released the wrist straps about a litre of water came out of each sleeve , the inner lining is good for cooling when you do happen to sweat in it havent tried wetting it down yet but i think i might on this weekends ride
  11. I bought a BMW Airflow jacket last summer, which has armour in it and I always wear a back protector anyway. I wouldn't own a BMW bike but I like some of their gear. I looked at the Joe Rocket gear too, (but they hadn't at that stage brought the perforated Blaster leather jacket into the country and I don't buy gear I can't try on - as am not standard shape.) and their ladies blue mesh jacket whilst very pretty left me a bit worried about protection Can't remember how much the BMW jacket cost. Husband then insisted I bought the matching pants that zip to it as he doesn't like me to ride in gear that doesn't zip together. Does not however practice what he preaches! It was really freaky at first but so much better than full leathers, lovely and cool but I have to admit I don't ride as confidently with it on, because it doesn't feel quite as safe as full leathers. Only draw back it does not have a liner. On the plus side it does go in the washing machine on the Normal cycle.
  12. I have a Spidi mesh jacket. Nice comfortable fit, armour around elbows, shoulders etc. Cool when riding (darned freezing for me at least, when it's under 24 degs or so..)

    It comes with a removable waterproof vest thing. But that makes me sweat. So I bought a MotoDry overjacket. Pretty well a glorified raincoat, but it's comfortable and wind/waterproof. I wore a shirt and jumper under the Spidi, and the Motodry over that.

    It kept me warm and dry on a wet and cold run from Merimbula to Cann River.

    The Motodry folds up easily enough along with a similar set of pants which I wear over Draggin' Jeans. It's the ideal compromise for summer riding with a chance of rain while away on the trip.
  13. Hey all,

    My 2 cents here...

    I'm thinking about getting a vented leather jacket, as my current textile jacket is a winter one that I bought while living in Canberra. Sure it has a zip out liner and zip vents, but in warm weather, it's the pits ! :cry: Not the best look once you arrive and take your jacket off.

    I've been window shopping and like the look of the Alpinestars TZ-1, which has holes punched in the sections across the top of the chest area. Can anyone who owns one of these comment on how effective this is in warm weather / commuting across town?

    A guy I know in Germany has a leather jacket with vents under the arms, which I thought was a great idea. It works like the front and rear zip vents on other jackets, if you think you're gonna be hot you simply undo the zips and there is mesh underneath - brilliant! Simpson: 8; terrorists: nil :p
  14. AND you get to look like a power ranger also!!
  15. You probably blotted that detail out as a kind of self-defence mechanism :) BMW gear looks great sometimes but the prices - ouch !!!!

    Anyway. I have a cheap (just under $200) Dririder Supervent or Supermesh or whatever. It still gets a bit warm when stationary, but it is bearable. It has elbow and back protection, and I feel it is adequate for low-speed city riding I do most of the time. But I think I would prefer something more solid on a country run.
    It is possible to get extra lining for winter, and another waterproof one. They cost extra though, and that was just the way I liked it because I already have a heavier winter jacket, and light waterproof one I can wear on top. (As far as I'm concerned, waterproof layer ought to be on the outside, not under other layers)
  16. Actually the waperproof liner in my RJays JetStream (inside) amazed me with how good it is during a recent dousing between Cessnock and Windsor on the Putty Road. I had only a small spot of water on the front of my t-shirt and nowhere else. The mesh of the jacket was sodden, needless to say.
  17. Chris from Scorpion Race Gear Has just had a new leather jacket created that i reckon looks great and it is vented also.

    The jacket standard form is vented, All padding, Full Mesh lining with a zip
    in/out Quilted vest lining for winter and two pockets in the front.

    The colour combo's at the moment is,
    Black/Silver/Fluro Orange

    Pics aren't up on the website yet however he has e-mailed me some. Here are the link to the pics of the jacket he sent me..




  18. Price, Josh?
  19. I'm seriously considerin giving this Jacket a try. Chris has put alot of R&D into from talks on the phone, the quality look good, the features sound good and the price is GREAT!!! Now i just need to sort out my sizing!!!