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Vented boots or not? and any comments on Alpinestars boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by markcpotter, Jul 4, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    this may sound like a really stupid question but as I have never owned a pair of vented boots before then that's the reason for it.

    Looking to buy either the Alpinestars smx-5 or smx-r boot.

    Reason for this is I commute daily and whilst the smx plus or supertech boots look pretty good I think I would get fed up with how fiddly they are to get on and off compared to the 5 or the r.

    I have stuck with looking at the alpinestars as I have a wide foot and I am told these are the best to get - any alternative comments would be appreciated.

    Aside from this I wasjust wondering how ventilated boots are if you do get caught in the rain the odd time or would they also be too cold to even use in the dry if it was winter (I live in Melbourne and my daily commute is an hour either way)


  2. i've got the supertechs, i can have both boots on or off in a matter of seconds. barely any diference to any other boot. dont have the vented version though.

    suggest you check out the boots you're interested in, i found alot of the time 'vents' are for looks. blow into them with your mouth or see if you can see through from the other side etc, often they dont let any or much air flow at all.

    just wear a pair of thick/woolly socks in winter if cold, they do the trick. then sports socks in summer, nice and cool.

    if the vents work, they most likely will let in rain if caught out. i know my feet get wet after a while if its raining alot, as the supertechs are not waterproof. thats why i have another pair of waterproof boots :wink:
  3. I have the SMX4 boots - the venting is not fantasic but a lot better to wear than normal boots, I ride in all weather and unless its really wet my boots stay dry
  4. i also have the smx4's great boot real comfy and like nibor said you can just wear different types of socks to suit. dont worry too much about how long it takes to get on/off you will adjust and wont even think about it after a week.
  5. I've got SMX-R and love em, can't say i'v ever had wet feet or cold feet (but usually have thicker socks on when wearing them anyway). Not the same level of airflow like say vented gloves if thats what you're thinking about.
    Never really found them that fiddly to put on or take off, its just a zip and a clasp. Also used to wear them all day at work without any trouble, quite comfortable except in really hot weather.
  6. OP, aren't you a Pom or summat? So, you're acclimatised to being cold and wet... ? Maybe you won't feel it.
    Me, I couldn't cope with the cold feet you'd get for 9 months of the year with the wind whistling up me boots. Hate being cold.
  7. Hi Titus,

    I have had a lifetime of cold and wet which is why I moved to Australia.

    Just want to make sure I dont continue to be cold and wet but being a Pom I am not used to what I believe is known as a "summer" as opposed to a few days a year where you can wear a t-shirt in the UK.

    Like I say never had vented boots before and just not sure if they literally are only to be worn on hot days and would be too cold or get soaked too quickly at even the slightest shower!
  8. I would probably buy the water proof SMX-5s if I had another chance. To be honest I can't even tell they are vented in the first place, from an air flow point of view. However, when it rains the vents seem perfectly capable of letting in water.