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Vent: Reefton, reckless driving, and potential head-on!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by realist, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Whilst I was heading north on Reefton Spur last weekend, I witnessed a 4WD with Govt. plates (unmarked police?), driving quite recklessly, "excessive" speed* and crossing unbroken centreline through blind corners, on some occasions being entirely within opposite lane... a sure potential for head-on collision with a motorcycle!

    Anyway, I had the camera running, and would've captured their plates, but the video file got corrupted somehow and wont playback, even after attempts at repairing the file.

    I'd make more of a recovery effort, if I thought that authorities would actually do anything with said evidence. Seems all I can really do is vent to anyone who'll listen!

    * Might well have been within legally posted limit, but the only way they could corner at that speed was by taking a "racing" line, thus frequently entering opposite lane.
  2. So,you saw a typical car driver on a windy road.
    Whats you problem ?
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  3. One of those occasions when I agree with Blabbus :) Cage drivers own the road don't y' know ;)
  4. Even though the authorities won't do anything with the footage, you clould post it up on youtube to publicly shame the driver ;)
  5. Work harder to recover the video please mate. If you do, blank out the rego and stick it on utube. I'd like to see that vid. But if it's gone it's gone.

    Nevertheless... It is fairly regular on these roads when it's quiet. Even though it is rediculously stupid behaviour.

    You'll see it again. Just be ready.
  6. It's actually quite atypical behaviour, most* car drivers do the "right thing"™, or do the complete opposite, and slow down excessively for corners.

    * Completely anecdotal evidence

    I guess my "problem" comes in two parts;
    a) My unrealistic expectations demanding a higher standard of driving from someone using a "Government owned" vehicle
    b) That I don't want to see another motorcyclist get killed

    I'm just venting because it angered me at the time (rational or not)
  7. I'm sure the data is there, it's just got a corrupted index. If it eventually gets posted I'd be reluctant to blank out the rego.

    I've seen it end up much worse, which is probably why it got me annoyed enough to post about it.
  8. If it was the cops, they'll come up with a plausible excuse and then give you more grief than you ever imagined. If you do recover the file, don't show the rego.

    It's enough that you show it as a cage doing the wrong thing. and don't identify the location or they'll be used as an excuse to lower the speed limit even more.
  9. I'm going to play Devil's Advocate here: if it was a bike instead of a cage, would we still be getting hot under the collar and calling to publicly shame the rider on YouTube?

    I've seen exactly those lines taken by bikes every time I've ridden the spurs.
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  10. Agreed, twice up on the Reefton (sperate occaisions) I've come around the corner to find a motocyclist coming the other way in my lane. One tool on a sportsbike and one n00b on a cruiser.
  11. Yeah but a landcruiser takes up a lot more real estate and is a lot more likely to pancake you than another rider
  12. Agree that public shaming is probably a step too far, but this forum IS 'a place to vent' after all. Plenty of comment here about riders' crossing the line.
  13. That's true - no doubt about it. But it isn't just the oncoming vehicle you can hit. Up there it doesn't take a 4x4 to put you off your line and potentially send you head first into a tree. A bike coming at you is quite enough to force you into a mid-corner correction.

    One of the problems with accident reporting when it comes to single vehicle motorcycle crashes is that the police usually just put 'excessive speed' as the reason the bike went off the road.
  14. True enough. I just think the victim mentality, combined with the bikes versus cars attitude, tends to lead to some pretty one-eyed commentary. Just wanted to put things in perspective a little.
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  15. I've used the opposite side of the road at times where the view ahead is clear, and I can actually 'see' that nothing is coming. I know the reefton and there are a number of places where it can be done quite safely. I don't consider that a foul for a car or a bike. ( but a bike can get back on his correct side pretty quickly)

    But any bike going around blind corners on the wrong side of the road, will run out of luck soon enough, and hopefully it's with a car, not another biker.
  16. go ahead and vent mate, that's why this forum is here.
    You have your reasons.

    What happens when you try to play them in VLC. It can sometime fix them automatically.
    What about if you try to convert them to a different format, like XVID.avi or .mp4, .mov etc?
  17. it's not likely to be a cop.. They very rarely use govt plates unless it is a marked car (in vic at least). More likely to be cfa, mfb, a school principle or any of the other numerous jobs that have "company" cars in the govt.

    good luck on getting the footage... I hate it when that happens...
  18. I think some SOG and FRU 4wds have government plates. I'll have a look in the carpark when I'm next a work.

    I have to agree with the others though, the closest calls i've had with oncoming vehicles in recent memory have all been motorcyclists crossing the centre line. I don't ride the spurs on the weekend.
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