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Vent on theft...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by actRider, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. Hey guys,

    Even tho im a netrider member i just come here mainly to read the great commentary of my fellow riders. However i just need to vent so I hope you all dont mind.

    Given its winter i dont get out on the bike as often as i like therefore the old girl doesnt get the loving it deserves. Today however i decided to go down to my apartment garage and start up the bike... only to notice that my key wouldnt go into the ignition... why you may ask? Because a damn drill bit or the like was snapped of in the there!!

    I just hate people that try and steal stuff!! Why can people just get a life and a job and buy their own stuff, have some sense of ownership and not have everything handed to them from centerlink...

    Sorry for the vent but it just annoys the hell out of me... and its in a secured carpark so someone has let this clown in!!! I guess its time i pressed for camera security in this damn place!

    So now im looking for an ignition barrel... what a hassle!

    Sorry for the rant guys but that felt better!


  2. might be one of your fellow occupants ????
  3. Mate. Vent, biatch and scream all you like. That's what the sites here for. Admittedly some of us need to do those things a little more frequently!8-[

  4. Sorry to hear that. I hope you get her fixed soon and catch the "person" who did this.
  5. Thanks guys,

    Well i hope i catch who ever did it but probably not likely... im more worried about finding a replacement part... :(
  6. yep, would suck to be you right now, bastards
  7. should have their hands cut off.....carnts
  8. can't see what drilling the ignition would achieve. i guess it's kinda fortunate those would-be thieves were useless and only cost you a new ignition barrel
  9. what a pain in the arse!
    pretty sad though, if you are low enough to be a thief..... at least steal the f-ing thing!
    Sounds like kiddies to me mate, did the same to my tool boxes on the work truck...idiots
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  11. I know how you feel...

    never had a bike stolen , but several times i have come out to my car in the morning to find it broken into back in the day.

    you almost begin to "respect" the thief who carefully picks the lock and surgically removes the cd player, compared to the guy who smashes the window and destroys the inside of your car causing $500 damage to get $100 cd player.....almost.
  12. A proper automotive general lock-pick tool and ratchet costs far less than even a hand-drill and drill-bit does.

  13. Mate in syd had his 3 day old kwaka zx9 (i think it was) ripped off from his secure car park a couple years ago.
    Guard, cameras, locked cage with the bike in it, and despite all that noone saw or recorded a thing except when the bike was riding out of the joint, the guy flipping the guard a wave (he likely wouldnt have known it wasnt my mate).
  14. Well looks like I can get a new barrel and keys for $100... not that bad i guess...
  15. How frustrating for you! Hey atleast they didn't steal your whole bike though...right?

    Pros as apposed to kids/idiots.
    We've had our windows smashed several times for petty things. First time it was in a 'secure' carpark to get the $7 in change (new window was $150 to replace). Another time was parked near uni with a (different) windows smashed for a laptop bag that only had uni books in it. Books cost more than the window did to replace and the ****ers probably just binned them!
  16. Can sympathise - happened to me 2 weeks ago. They didn't touch my bike thankfully. The most annoying part is, where I live is a gated, underground carpark. Unbelievably, they put a garden surround right next to the fence that goes halfway up it. It's so easy to jump. And once done, they do it in fairly easy privacy if it is say 3AM. In this case, they busted a window and pulled out a backpack and sports bag, and stole nothing. Missing my club money (~$100) and a digicam in the process. They stole NOTHING.

  17. Got any dodgy neighbours? Time to play cluedo
  18. Unfortunately i have housing commission two blocks down and right across the road...

    I think there are many suspects!
  19. Uh oh. Bikes are fair game in the thief world.

    You say that the bike had been sitting for a while? Then a possible piece of comfort I may have for you:

    If you leave the bike for a lengthy period of time, a ground anchor would help, especially if it's attached to the frame.

    Also, ignition barrels are pretty easy to remove. Don't leave it on the bike for months on end, take it off and keep it in a drawer, that would discourage a two-bit crook cos he wouldn't know what to jimmy :)
  20. 1st bike (250) stolen
    2nd bike (250) attempted, rooted ignition
    3rd bike (600) attempted, rooted ignition (thank f*** for Kryptonite chain)

    Unit block carparks suck, get insurance.