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Vent : Is there such a thing as an "Omen"

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by VCM, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. NO

  2. YES, and no-one hassles me about it

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  3. YES, and I always being earbashed about it

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  1. Mods, not sure if this is in the right section, as it's NOT a near miss, but definitely a VENT.

    I am so sick of people telling me I shouldn't ride in winter. After 2.5 years of riding 24/7, the last few weeks have been filled with both seasonal riders & non-riders telling me how dangerous it is to ride in the cold/rain/wind ( typically winter weather). My wife sent an SMS to me at work the other day...
    " Too cold and wet to ride home " .. to which I replied " Don't ride then " :roll: :LOL:
    The thing is, I am becoming paranoid. Are all these comments from so many an omen to some upcoming disaster? I choose to believe not.
    I apologize in advance if this is not in the correct section
  2. yep i completely agree with them, it's more risky in winter/rainy days, it's also risky to ride on dry days, it is also dangerous to drive a car, walk down the footpath, get out of bed.....you need to decide what is an acceptable risk to yourself and be able to live with it, if it doesn't go to plan :)
  3. I get asked 'wasn't it cold riding' that's about it.
    Mind you I am in QLD so according to most of the forums goers I don't have a real winter.
  4. If you believe in Omen..then don't get out of bed!! :? ....Woah!!...or maybe the bed will colapse...so you had better get up, but don't use the kettle in case it explodes, and don't have a shower in case you drown and don't ....and don't..... and don't and...... :roll:
  5. Only if your wifes name is Damien.
  6. I thought the question was "Is there such thing as an omen?" So I voted no, without reading the actual question :LOL:, for the record, Yes I ride every day no matter what, and nobody seems to give a shit...
  7. Here in QLD winter is the dry season so I intend to ride as much as I can. It was below 5 this morning and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. If it were wet then I'd probably have second thoughts.
  8. Just ride, mate. Stop worrying. Worrying will take your focus off the task at hand. Just leave extra distance for stopping and slow down a bit. :wink:

  9. I was worried the other week that I had received an omen.
    I pulled up at the lights of Grange and Glen Huntly with a guy on a CB400. He looked at me and asked how I was finding my bike (it is a 150cc). I told him it is great for the city but underpowered on the highways. He then told me that I was riding it like a full powered bike and that I should be careful.
    After that I was a bit worried as I always ride bikes depending on their capabilities and didn't think I was doing anything out of the ordinary. That was until yesterday when I saw the same guy doing about 80 in the wet between cars down Bourke Rd in the 60 zone. Now the Omen has been replaced by just another guy on a small sports bike lording over us smaller bike riders (that is what I tell myself anyway) :p :LOL:
  10. Vinnie, you shouldn't ride in winter. :p
  11. :LOL:

    Guess, I should just suck it up, roll my eyes, and keep doing what I do everyday. Hell as someone stated, danger lurks in everything we do and everywhere we go.
  12. Not quite, i think you need to tell them to pull their heads in (in the nicest possible way). It's not an omen you're talking about but nay-saying. It's the same stuff we listen to in the warmer months except they've turned it up a notch.

    They think they are being caring and helpful and have your best interests at heart. And while that's commendable it's a little misguided, all they are really doing is projecting their fears onto you. It sounds like it's beginning to erode your confidence and that's something you can ill afford when you need all of your wits about you.

    Take the time to sit with your loved ones and reassure them that you know what you're doing on your bike, and you're taking every precaution to stay safe, just like you do in the warmer months.

    Tell everyone else to box up their sh*t and tie a bow around it. :wink:
  13. F*kn A Cheffa.

    Ride ride ride Vinnie. What can potentially hurt you will only make you stronger.
  14. Thanks for the feedback guys...
    I sat the wife down last night and we discussed her concerns, most of which were about me catching the flu or worse :LOL:
    Explained to her that all this ear bashing will only raise doubts about my riding, cause a loss of concentration & confidence which may bring about what she is trying to prevent. After 25,000 km saddle time, she can be assured that it has not been sheer 'luck' that has kept me upright. As for the others, I'll just smile and ask them how much they enjoy driving to work and back ... cause I have a ball doing the same on 2 wheels.

    Ride ride ride !!! :wink:

    PS: Thanks for the chat last night Chef !!
  15. Quote of the week Vinnie. Hit the nail on the head.
    Most drivers drive because they have to. Most riders ride because we choose to.

    The other day I was thinking I hadnt seen you posting for a while now I know you were to scared to get out of bed :LOL:
  16. :LOL: :LOL:
    Can't take credit for that quote Chris, .. it came from Chef :wink:
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Pleasure mate, thanks for the laugh. :grin:

    Make sure you rug up. (I'm sorry mate i couldn't help it)
  18. I ride in the rain out of necessity but I dont really enjoy it that much because of the reduced friction on the road, the reduced visibility through the helmet, and the tendency for people to drive like tards when it gets a bit wet.

    A couple of times I've locked up for short distances in the rain and last night my back wheels had a bit of a spin from a fairly conservative takeoff.

    Oh and there was a slick about 300m long in randwick last night which really came out with the rain. It took up most of the lane and where I could I was riding in the wrong lane to avoid it. Very slippery part of the journey.