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Vent against impatient pr*ck

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Tweetster, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. I was enjoying my 1st learner ride up the Blue mountains & back (with motorbike babysitter - grange).... and a guy driving a maroon wannabe 4WD began harassing me from behind.

    I was doing the speed limit in all zones, he could not pass me because there was traffic all the way ahead and most of that part was no overtaking anyway.

    But, he insisted on being right up my rear and moving from side to side. (WTF would you want to move nearly onto the break down/cycle lane and then back over the middle line on the road???) Anyway.... I twice gave him the finger. Once we got to an overtaking zone he sped past and all occupants of the car gave me the finger and some no doubt choice words which I could not hear properly!! :roll:

    Hello!!.. I have L plates on my bike because I am a learner!!...... F*ckwit!!

  2. Sounds like this guy is so intelligent that he saw through your learner guise and took offence at you showing a 'big yeller sine dat cawled him a 'Loser'.

  3. Try and stay cool out there. If you feel someone is in hurry behind you, maybe pull over at the first safe area and let them pass. Getting anxious with a driver in a car (4WD especially) while on your bike, is not worth it.
  4. Think about this for a minute.

    Most racing car drivers when stuck behind another competitor will "peek-a-boo" the vehicle in front in order to distract them and forcing them to make an error.

    Ask yourself, do you want to be the one that makes the error?

    As stated, it's not worth it, forget giving them the bird as it only makes them angrier. Do you really want someone piloting a 2 tonne weapon angry at the person with little to no protection surrounding them?
  5. OK, point taken. I'm used to beng in the car and need to get used to being on a different mode of vehicle. It just bugged me 'cos i'm not a blasted newbie to the roads... and he had nowhere to go anyway for all his harassing.

    Thanks for the heads up... need to keep a calm head.
  6. Mine weighs 3-tonnes, very good advice though vic.
  7. loosely tie a 5-10m spike strip to the end of the bike (so when run over it will rip cleanly off). tailgating drivers wont know what hit them. and no, this is not advocating violence in any way, driver keeps all their mirrors
  8. Hmm after riding and driving behind the odd female or 2 on a bike i wouldnt mind tucking into there rear either :LOL:
  9. Ah Kinks!! ..... well that can't apply to me, 'cos I ain't odd!!.... :LOL:
  10. Lesson:

    Don't get angry, Don't aggravate.

    If you're angry you're not thinking clearly, if you aggravate them they will get angry and not think clearly....

    welcome to motorbikes, and your new way of thinking on the road.
  11. Thats some really good advice. Your bound to come across alot more f***wit drivers who are impatient, ignorant, reckless, intimidating and/or down right stupid. So best thing is to just focus on protecting the space YOU occupy on the road. And sometimes that might mean pulling over if its safe and letting the a-hole on your ar5e get to where their going 2 minutes quicker.
  12. If there was a break-down lane, couldn't you just have let him through?

    People sometimes pull over to let me through when they're slowing me down in the twisties, and it's certainly appreciated.

    Plus it would've greatly reduced the chance of you getting squished.
  13. I know what you mean... but I wasn't holding up this guy!!... he had nowhere to go if he passed me, because it was traffic all the way. If I had pulled over onto the breakdown lane, then I would have had trouble getting back onto the road due to the traffic behind me (anyone who knows the Blue Mountains on a Sunday arvo will know what I mean!).

    Once we got to the overtaking lane off he went...... but as I said, I was not personally holding him up prior to this... I was just in the queue of traffic moving along.
  14. Oh sorry, I missed the bit where you mentioned the traffic - probably because my self-righteous hat was blocking my view of the screen :p.

    In that case, what a douche :).

  15. ... but you are right!!.. personal safety should come before anything else. I need to remember that.
  16. Don't be so hard on yourself Tweet. How were you to know he was late for a date with Elle McPherson?
  17. :LOL:
  18. Agreed about the anger,

    about a month ago, when i had just got my ninja, i almost got tromped by a fresh faced p plater who just changed lanes and sped off.

    he pulled up at the lights, i cracked the shits and rode up next to him and hit his window and he shit himself, while i was ranting and raving off my head about how he almost killed me i leant a bit too far and almost dropped the bike, caught it as it went over and had to rest my arm on his car, untill he was apologetic and actually helped me back up and i shook his hand after he genuinely said he was sorry and i'll look for bikes more often as he had only had his licence a week ...

    I sighed and nodded my head and thanked him, and realised how stupid i had been because if he had of panicked and taken off with me leaning right over and resting on his car myself and the bike would of gone under his wheels...

    Very big learning curve that was, not too mention holding up traffic at the green light because i couldnt get the bike back up by myself and feeling like an absoloute tool for the whole event...

    It's just not worth it, protect your space keep your cool and stay alive - and for what its worth for those of you who dont know me i have an extremely short fuse, but on the bike you need to change that or youl end up dead.

    Stay safe.
  19. :LOL: bdzy88, That is a thread in itself.....

    All things said, there's just so many w***ers out there it's not funny. Can't really avoid it unfortunately.