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Vent - abused for not speeding through roadworks

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by GoTeam, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Having worked on the road full time and sporadically nowadays, I appreciate NOT having everyone go past me so nearby at a fast rate. There's been roadworks for a while now on Ferntree Gully Road and I did the right thing, sat in the left lane and obeyed the restriction (set speed with cruise control) whilst a lot of people decided to go past on my right at whatever speed they wanted to. The road was clear and it was obviously lunch time but the restrictions remained (and probably will until pack up time for the day around 4 or 5 pm). I know the conditions for speed restrictions in my sleep and I had some old geezer come up next to me at the lights shaking his head, waving his fist and swearing at me that it's 50, not 40. Now, there was nothing stopping him from overtaking me earlier but he decided to follow me then start fuming. I wasn't going to have any of his $h!t so I wound down my window and asked him what the posted speed limit is. He yelled at me "50 not 40" then I said it's 40 and for good reason and went on my way. For the conditions there, the temporary restriction is 40 and it is signed accordingly.

    Just like everyone else, I don't like being slowed down for what appears to be a road where you could readily/easily do 60 or more. However, it is there for good reason and I understand that. I also understand that if I hit a worker or anyone else and it's easy for the police to prove I was doing significantly more than 40 then I know what comes after that. The insurance company bails out on you, the popo decide to lay charges, you go to court, the person who is hit most likely sues and it is just a needless world of pain for years to come for the sake of "losing" a couple of minutes on my journey. No thanks.

    Everyone, please don't speed through roadworks. You may assess it as safe to go faster but it really $h!ts those who are working on / next to the road because anything can and does happen from time to time and you wouldn't want to say to yourself, "I would have been able to stop if I was going the posted temporarily reduced speed limit."

  2. I hear you. Same problem on Western port hwy/Monash where they are doing works on the on ramps.

    Try doing the 80km/h roadwork speed in peak hour - I get cars tailgating the hell out of me in my cage, then they overtake on the right and cut back really close in front of me, probably to teach me a lesson for driving so slowly.

    I'm not game to ride the bike through there until they finish the roadworks.
  3. I counter your vent with one of my own!

    What annoys the crap out of me is when there are roadworks restrictions signs but:

    * there are no roadworks going on (they decide to leave the signs up overnight for example) or
    * they're are having a (yet another) smoko (which they seem to be constantly doing and never actually working), or
    * the roadworks restrictions are completely insane (read: too low), e.g. Monash freeway.

    irrelevant warning signs are another source of joy for me. Just yesterday there was a large 'OIL ON ROAD' sign but no oil or sand or anything on the road at all.
  4. Spawn, signs left up overnight is poor practice so it's fair enough to be annoyed by that. It is also technically illegal for that to happen. Incorrect or poorly signed roadworks is also inexcusable.

    Before I supervised roadworks, I had a perception of "always on smoko" or "blokes standing around and doing nothing". Smokos/lunch times are the same as anywhere else where I've been where there's a workshop/tradesmen. As for "standing around and doing little" you're much better off having four men with two rotating work at a time in order to get a lot of work done. Otherwise, you can wear out your workforce too quickly and that leads to all sorts of other problems. That's why there appears to be half of the workforce idle. There were plenty of occasions where the blokes I was supervising would start work at 6am and didn't leave until 11pm. They were dedicated to the job and they did a lot of long days. They too did not appreciate cars and trucks coming past far to quickly and I did my best to keep them as safe as possible, including bringing police on site.

    The Monash will be pretty good once the roadworks are complete. The volume of traffic on it may cause irritation though. I too get frustrated with going "slow" along there but live with it. What do you think the speed limit should be through the roadworks?
  5. Heh, thanks for responding but this isn't meant to be a rational discussion ;) But seeing as it now is, I think the speed limits for roadworks should be set based on how 'exposed' the roadworks are. For example, the Monash have the roadworks hidden behind concrete barriers so the danger is reduced. In situations where workers are only 'hiding' behind cones, then the limit should be dropped further.
  6. After reading a thread on how roads are made and what the workers are doing exactly I always obey speed limits through them.

    The people that get annoyed can go get stuffed, all of the times they're the same kind of people who take forever to reach the speed limit. Or they're the aggro ones that weave through traffic and get nowhere because they have no roadcraft...

    In a similar vein there's a perma-40 in front of a school near my house, on a hill. I always do 40 down that and I can tell it annoys people. What they don't know is that there's always a cop around, think there's a few people that I may have even saved from a ticket. Not by choice though.
  7. Good work, excellent to hear.
  8. I hate the long run up to the actual work site but the rules have to allow for the lowest common denominator so it has to allow for very big trucks to slow down and idiot drivers that miss the first set of signs.

    I tend to drive through at the limit or lower if the guys are close to the lane I'm in.
  9. You have to remember that the speed limit is not JUST set to protect the people doing the road works. Using the Monash as an example, sure they are all behind concrete barriers but the main reason for the reduced speed limit is there not being any emergency lanes for much of it and concrete barriers in such close proximity on both sides.
  10. Once again it comes down to catering for the lowest common denominator.
  11. Only problem is no one wants to admit to themselves that they're part of it.
  12. Everytime I drive through road works and get passed by 5-10 motorists doing 20km/h+ over the limit and I dont see any Police radars, i cry.
  13. Getting passed by 5 to 10 drivers doing 20 over through the roadworks isnt the problem , it's when they continue going the60 they have done through the roadworks 40 zone when it goes back up to 80 after :furious::furious:
  14. Workmen are real people, with real families. Stand by the side of the road and watch cars go past at 60 or 70kmh...it really is fast and just because you're in your 1.5 tonnes of metal, all sealed up with the radio on does not alter the laws of physics. One of those things hitting a person at 60kmh will cause serious damage.

    Driving up to Cape Tribulation today, there were roadworks going on signed down to 40kmh...and 3 police with radar guns and cars ready to pounce