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Venhill Brake Lines???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by mr_sikma, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Found a couple sellers on eBay selling these, and was wondering if anyone has had anything to do with them?

    They are listed as a 'race' style set for the front? Not too sure how this differs from the standard set up?


  2. have fitted them up but am yet to test them, one thing I don't like is they have an extra nut and thread between the cable and the fitting, imo I think I would rather have it crimped but they are legal so guess they are safe, just an extra place imo for a fault to occur, apart from that look nicey made though.
  3. race style on the front usually means 2 long lines running to each caliper.

    stock usually has 1 line from reservoir to a splitter then 2 more lines to caliper.

    then over the fender has 1 long line to the right caliper, then another over to the left.
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  4. What colour did you go?

    Did you get the race style?
  5. So the race style is a better set up?
  6. they came with the bike, but are of a carbon fibre look pattern.

    yep I think race means one line to each caliper too, but not 100% sure
  7. I purchased venhill lines from Venhill UK direct (cheaper than ebay, altho you would need to know your lengths and fittings).

    They are really good quality and because the ends can be removed, it allows you to orient the fittings in any direction eliminating the problem of working out what twist you need.

    Highly recommended.

  8. +1.

    I have bought Venhill lines direct from Venhill twice now, easy to deal with and they give you a good online guide for ordering the right length and fittings.

    Next time I need lines I will be straight back to Venhill.