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Featured Venezuela: Riders killed and bikes stolen for parts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cjvfr, May 8, 2015.

  1. Shortages of motorcycle parts in recession-hit Venezuela have become so acute that bikers are being killed for their vehicles, the leader of a local motorcyclists’ association said.

    Socialist-run Venezuela is reeling from shortages of foods, medicines and machinery due in part to currency controls that crimp imports.

    That strain appears to have exacerbated theft in the already violence-plagued country where police officers are gunned down for their weapons, trucks ambushed for merchandise and commuters held up for cellphones.

    “They’re killing those of us in the street to steal our bike because there are no bikes or spare parts,” Jorge Montaño, a leader of Venezuela’s National Socialist Federation of Motorbikers, said on Thursday.

    The Guardian 8th May
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  2. Over there, they probably call motorcyclists 'Temporary Venezuelans'.
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  3. So when they said the new Yoshi from Venezuela would possibly cost an arm and a leg they weren't joking?
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  4. You are very naughty Duke at EeeDuke at Eee but I like it :p
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    Should I be surprised by that sentiment at all...
    hasta luego ninja e yoshi!

    Yep I realise your care factor is zero but FWIIW I reckon that after some of the repulsive, animalistic yet unfortunately still breathing, breeding low-lifes that I dealt with and got abused by in the last week...convinced me that in some areas of Australia we really are only one natural disaster away from rampant looting, shooting and god knows what...so unfortunately I can't find too much humour in the post sorry.
    Only wondering how things in most parts of the world could possibly get any worse to be honest.

  6. there is good and bad everywhere - it's how you deal with it that says what sort of person you are - let them get to you and they have won - rise above it and you are better than them. there will always be those who sort the system, stab others in the back (literally and figuratively) - it is unfortunate that scumbags seem to crawl out of the primordial ooze when things are at an all time low and then slime their way over everyone else.
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    Nice one.
    Shit and to think at first I stupidly thought it could have almost been a compliment or even a commiseration...

    Edited some of my childish crap -sorry PeonyPeony.
  8. it actually was - I was agreeing with you - if you choose to take it another way so be it
  9. Oooookaaay. That was quite unexpected...hence my misinterpretation...I am sorry. :(

  10. Yeah, Peony, I don't like politicians either.
  11. I could leave my Vmax on the side of the road running with the keys in it, and nobody would take it!!
  12. Nice to read news from my motherland. :bigtears::'(
  13. I could imagine it would leave you feeling bad when you have a personal connection munecitomunecito . We can count ourselves fortunate in Aus. Theft is not nice but at least we can replace a bike.
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    In all honesty. There are no good news coming out of Venezuela a long time ago.

    Two friends got killed since the start of the year. The sad part is that you grow accustomed to this.

    This one will be on TV tomorrow.

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  15. I'm not sure you ever get used to it, as hope drives human nature and each bad news story undermines the hope just a little bit more. Very sorry to hear of the loss of your friends.
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  16. By the way they weren't riders. One was a photographer. The other was a cop