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Discussion in 'Helmets' started by gongrider, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. I went helmet shopping last week, as my HJC had taken a hit when I crashed and I left it in Vietnam after my trip!

    I tried on various helmets including RJays, Shark, AGV, HJC. I'd have loved to be shopping for an Arai or Shoei but don't quite have the budget.

    I usually wear around a small helmet depending on brand. I found the medium AGV too loose for a new helmet and the small AGV very tight on my forehead. I do have a fairly round head though.

    After trying all these helmets on and shopping around I came to a shop selling the Vemar. I hadn't really seen a lot of them before but the salesman was adamant they were great helmets so I tried one on. Pretty much a perfect fit straight away, nice and firm.

    Got a great price and a tinted visor so headed home (in the car).

    First thing I noticed was that there was no quick release for the visor. These helmets are apparently made for racing so no quick visor swap :(

    To ride with the helmet I noticed a few things compared to other helmets I've used:

    - The ventilation is excellent. There are big vents on the front and exhausts on the sides and top. The air comes through very well!

    - A little noisy. Not as bad as my HJC was, but there is definitely a bit of wind noise from around the neck.

    - Other noises are very muffled. I can barely hear my bike (although it isn't at all loud) and other traffic is audible but muffled.

    - Vision is excellent. There is no blind spot that I found with my HJC, headchecks are much easier.

    - It's light! The sticker says 1390g +/- 50g. It is a "tricomposite" which means it's made from carbon, aramid (kevlar) and fibreglass.

    Aerodynamically it seems quite good too, the air doesn't push on the helmet or cause any unwanted force when doing a headcheck.

    The material inside is nice, almost like suede. Looks like it would last a long time.

    Overall, the drawbacks are a slow visor change and a bit of wind noise, but a good helmet if you can get it at a good price.
  2. Does it say what country it's made in?
  3. The tag in the helmet says Italy. If I pull back the liner the polystyrene foam has a "made in China" sticker on it.

    So I gather the foam is made in China, with the shell, liner and the rest made in Italy.
  4. Either that or just the tag is made in Italy :LOL:.
  5. Under Australian Standards law it has to say "made in xyz"

    does the tag say "made in italy " or just "italy" ?
  6. The tag says "Made in Italy"
  7. then most likely assembled in Italy with components made elswhere