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Vemar VRR helmet

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Gixxa Freddy, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. The missus has just ordered me a Vemar VRR helmet and I was wondering if anyone has had some experience with these helmets. I've seen some decent reviews from overseas but would rather hear first hand. I had seen some good reviews for the OGK that I bought and have hated it ever since. It looked good in the shop and fitted great, but after riding in it and living with it, I can't wait for the replacement. My biggest concern is fit as Sam bought the Vemar over the net going by helmet sizes that fitted me. I have a Shoei head and the Vemar is supposed to be a similar size. Given that Vemar use memory foam in their helmets, I am hoping it will shape to my head and not rip my ears off like a Shark (wanted a Duhamel replica but for the mentioned problem). If no one has experience with these helmets I will post a review once I have ridden in it.

    Cheers, Andrew :cool:
  2. Dont know much about those helmets ..
    I hope it fits, I'd never buy a helmet without trying it on, was nice of the missus tho.
    Good Luck !
  3. I don't buy without trying on either but the missus wanted to surprise me for our anniversary (9 years if you're keeping count). Hopefully it fits coz I know how disappointed she is gunna be if it doesn't. If it doesn't fit there will be a new Vemar for sale on NR. :cool:
  4. Helmet turned up and boy am I pissed. It's too big. It's a XL (61-62cm) where other helmets I've tried have been XL (60-61cm). :(

    Fit and finish is great, interior is really plush and soft and the weight of it makes my OGK feel like a brick (1390g). Unfortunately I can't say what it's like on the road.

    Seriously sweet lid. Heres some info:
  5. damn that sux it doesn't fit

    thats always the risk though, i bought a pair of gloves off the net for a steal and when it came it didn't fit either... a bargain can turn into an expensive ornament just like that :p

    good luck selling/exchanging it though
  6. Really? A Shark hurts your ears? I mean, I have the RSX, and NEVER EVER had that problem... I did buy the XL and now, after wearing it for a while, I wish I'd bought the L instead, but I've worn a M too and even though it was TIGHT and never had such problem. Maybe I have small ears, or something... :LOL:
    Btw, my next helmet will be the Barros Replica (Shark RSR2). The Duhamel looks good too, but I just can't get enough of the Barros... :p
  7. Shark helmets have a narrow shell.

    I'm Curious, it was ordered, and if you're going to try to sell it, where did she get it from? is it an australian helmet?
  8. The helmet is Australian with all relevant stickers. Sam bought the helmet from a store that has closed down so no chance of exchanging it. I thought it sounded suss too, but I can vouch for the quality of the helmet. When she told me that it was a closing down sale I thought that she should have got more of a discount than free postage. The helmet has been bought, can't be returned so I am only left with the option of taking a small loss and passing the helmet on to a fellow rider.

    Cheers, Andrew.
  9. Found out who the nearest dealer is and bought a second Vemar, this time a large, and I have decided that I am going to stick with Vemar helmets. I honestly can't describe how much I like this helmet. Value wise, best I've had.
  10. My last helmet was a Vemar one. I really liked it. When I got the new bike I got an AGV one, which is ok, it's comfortable, but a bit noisy, certainly no where near as quiet as the Vemar one. I will probably get a Vemar lid next. Good luck with the new lid.
  11. I cant believe this helmet. Sooo soft, sooo light and sooo quiet. Same price as the KBC VR2 I had but light years better. Wont bother comparing it to the OGK. The only helmet that I feel is on par with this helmet is the Shoei XR1000 that I had but $300 cheaper. Vemar's Motogp helmet is around the same price as the Shoei so that is what I am getting next. If it's good enough for Dovi and DeAngelis, it's good enough for me.

    One of these two will be my next helmet.
    The first one is the 08 Kev Curtain rep, the second is the 08 Alex DeAngelis rep (as if you didn't know). :grin:
  12. I wouldn't mind taking a peek at these helmets. Where can we find them in Melbourne?