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Velocity Clip - Tougher than Chuck Norris?

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by Not4Resale, Mar 2, 2015.

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  3. Each device should be burned in an elaborate Velocity Clip burning ceremony.

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  1. Velocity Clip Review

    Recently I purchased a smartphone holder that had some serious hype. It is the product of a successful kickstarter campaign and the guys who created it have some PASSIONATE videos highlighting some of its features.

    I can certainly say that I was sold on the hype. Want a taste of it? See the excerpt from the Q&A page below:

    Q: How durable is a Velocity Clip? I am pretty extreme!
    A: Velocity Clips are made out of a high grade, impact and waterproof plastic. They have withstood rigorous testing including jumps from 50 foot cliffs into rivers, skiing down double diamonds, spills on snowboards, and motorcycle speeds far exceeding legal limits. They are tough like Chuck Norris.

    So let's see how it stands up to a regular old joe like me. To give
    you a background, I am a daily commuter so my bike gets used rain, hail or shine. My phone is waterproof and plays the role of music player, watch, GPS and business call taker whilst on the road. It is my lifeline to the world and it would be very dramatic to lose it on a ride.


    I purchased this device 3 months ago and in this time have found that fitting my phone in can be a nerve wracking experience. It clamps the device from the top and the bottom of the phone using a bolt in the back of the mount to hold it in place. The metal plate has already started to rust but that isn't the worst of my problems. The pretty red plastic screw cover now turns without the screw rendering the locking/unlocking mechanism useless.

    On more than one occasion I have been on a ride and noticed my phone slowly shifting to the side which has caused me to panic and pull over to re-adjust the mount. Because of this, I would push it on very tightly not realising that I was cracking the casing on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately one day when I was squeezing the mount together over my phone, the tough like Chuck Norris high grade impact and waterproof plastic snapped one of the mounting clips. Thankfully, the clipping system still seemed to hold my phone in place (with an added shudder at speed of course).

    I have since replaced my phone with a Sony Xperia Z3 which is waterproof and quite durable. The only downside is that if I want to charge my phone, the phone needs to sit on one side of the mount which covers the camera button. Each time that I would squeeze it on in charge mode I would take a few happy snaps for good measure.


    To sum up the device review, here are a few snapshot details:

    - 3 Month product lifespan (clearly tougher than Chuck Norris)
    - Rust the first time it sits in the rain
    - Broken clips
    - Nerve-inducing rides where your phone slides if you don't tighten the clip
    - A clip that breaks when you do tighten it enough
    - Broken phones if you tighten it enough
    - No response from customer support when you email them

    You can buy this high quality product from this link:

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  2. Looks like a budget ebay special.
    Do yourself a favour and get Ram mounts with the x grip. IMO the best system out there
  3. Agreed. If you buy cheap shit, you get shit.
  4. If you really want to have a phone on your bike you deserve everything you get ;).
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  5. That's one hell of a big gear for a singlespeed.
  6. Speedway