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Velcro on Back Protector (Dainese Wave 2 Back Protector)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Faramir, May 7, 2007.

  1. Hi

    The Kidney belt velcro on my back Protector is not sticking very well. When I bend forward, it pulls apart. It tried to roughen up where the velcro parts join. Should I tie another strap around the kidney belt/back protector?

    It is a Dainese Wave 2 Back Protector.It costed a lot of money. It has a metal honey comb shape inside the back protector.
  2. Costed?

    Mine cost over $120 and the velcro is shot too.

    Just head to your local shopping centre and get those alterations places to sew a few velcro strips on top of the existing stuff.

    I'll get mine done as soon as I can move the shoulder enough.
  3. Yeeeah!! Costed.

    Vic I don't think you're supposed to tuck too much behind the kidney belt. ;)

    My little back protector still going strong but it's only a couple months old. So couldn't really say I've given it a lot of time - or guts - to stretch out. But will definitely try to find this thread again if the velcro fails.
  4. Mine is 10 years old ;) I've gradually stretched it over the years ;)
  5. I've got a dainese back protector too. Same thing happened to the soft part of the velcro connection... must be a dainese thing.

    Just last week I went to an alteration joint, a tailors on millers road Altona as it turns out, to get some of those velcro strips sown onto the belts. My back protector has two belts. It cost me $20 for 6 6" strips in the right place. Looks like a down right professional job :)
  6. hm.. just bought my dianese bap1 this wkend.. i will have to keep an eye on the velcro. :?
  7. Thanks for your replies so far.

    Dainese Wave 2 Back Protector retail for $270 at MCA. I got mine for $240. It is the most expensive one MCA had. It felt much better than the others, call me a fool for spending so much but I liked everything about it at that time.

    The plastic velcro part is OK. It will stick onto anything else. It is the smooth cloth that it is having troubles sticking too. I will try out some of your ideas. Also the elastic shoulder strap is not such a good idea I found out. I will hopefully put the same straps they use for backpacks. I can tighten them up as required.
  8. I have the same velcro issue with my Wave 2, but I put it down to having too big a gut!
  9. Velcro does not work forever.

    It is basically a hook and loop fastening system.

    The tough plastic end is the hook part and the small furry bit is the loop.

    Every time you separate the 2 pieces, some of the loops break. Over time it results in the fastener not fastening.