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Velcro backings for knee sliders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tubthumping, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all I've got a pair of leathers without knee sliders (or the velcro backings to connect sliders to) and was just wondering if anyone knows of a person or a company that makes the velcro attachments to fit leathers that don't already feature knee sliders. Hope this makes sense to anyone reading ? :shock:

    Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated as I'm looking to do a couple opf track days in the near future.

  2. Tigerangel (Aus) retrofit knee sliders to their leathers. :grin:
  3. suggest u talk to a leather shop like Mars Leathers, or or katcando, i think she does a bit of work as a leather seamstress?

    you're after velcro to be sewn onto your leathers, so u can velcro on some knee sliders u purchase, yes?

    good luck!
  4. or just listen to G :p
  5. Yep that's the one mate. Glad someone out there understands my ramblings lol :LOL:
  6. You can get strap-on (lol) knee sliders here, but they're designed for minimoto and I don't know how appropriate they are for road riding.

    Other than that, if you get a good deal with stitching velcro onto leathers, let me know, I'll be interested too.
  7. dont mean to sound stupid here, but won't velcro just come off as soon as you him the knee down......????
  8. Since knee sliders are consumable items, If you look carefully, you'll notice that they're attached to leathers by velcro so you can remove them and attach new ones. They usually don't come off because a large amount of the surface area is joined by velcro.

  9. Nah it dosnt, too much surface area and not enough leverage, to get the velcro to seperate to rip the slider off, let alone the whole patch. When you put your knee down, i usually just skim mine, not too heavy on it, although, with a few scary front and back end loses, the knee has taken a bit of weight on it, and the slider remains griped.
  10. Cheers mate just bought these ones the other day if you're still after a set

  11. Thanks mate - do let me know how the adhesive stands up to the thrashing. I have a feeling they might start coming off. If we have to ultimately get it stitched, might as well just get some velcro from any crafts shop.
  12. I believe Ian Wiltshire at TW-performance sells them. I recomend use him :grin: