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Vehicles damaged on Spirit of Tasmania

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vic, Nov 4, 2004.

  1. Vehicles damaged on Spirit of Tasmania
    Shelley Hodgson

    ROUGH seas have damaged motorbikes and cars on the Spirit of Tasmania.

    The vehicles were damaged on the Devonport-Melbourne voyage overnight on Tuesday.
    A source said 16 motorbikes and four cars were damaged in the crossing, which left Devonport at 9pm on Tuesday and arrived in Melbourne at 7am yesterday.
  2. i went to tassie on the spirit of tasmania
    mum took her car on there and it didnt get damaged
    but i can imagine they would
    all packged in so close with rough wheather
  3. Can you claim against SOT company?
  4. I know on the bay ferry you cant tie down the bikes. last time I was on it the kind people suggested we stay with the bikes during the crossing. Can the bikes be tied down at all for the big trip to Tassie.

  5. Possibly. If it can be demonstrated that SOT was negligent, then a claim is possible.

    Best course of action would be to claim on your insurance, naming SOT as the "cause" of the damage. It is then between your insurer and that of SOT's to sort out. If you don't have insurance, you can send them a bill. If they reject it, then you can probably seek legal advice from a "no win, no pay" lawyer.

    Thing is, you an always try to sue someone. It's ultimately up to the courts to decide whether you're wasting their time or not, if it's allowed to proceed (a decent lawyer would advise you on this).

    In any case, don't the SOT ships have tie down facilities for bikes? I wonder how many of them were on their centre stands, rather than the sidestands, and in gear.
  6. When I went to Tassie in March, I was possibly THE most anxious bike owner of a bike on the boat. I watched the guys tie my baby down, asked them if they'd ever had problems with bikes falling over, checked the tie down, etc. I couldn't believe that one tie down over the top of the seat would be sufficient for the trip, but they assured me it would be fine.

    It kinda makes you wonder if all the bikes damaged were tied down by the same people, and if so, how to discipline/retrain these people. I've had a bike on a trailer fall over and that was with (i'm sure, anyway) the front forks compressed enough that it couldn't move.

    Does anyone have details on the size of the swell, etc for the crossing. When I went over, we had a five + metre swell which seemed to be of no consequence. I was told that was a pretty rough crossing....

    I also went on the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff the Monday after the GP. A friend of mine advised me to stay with the bike during the crossing, especially for the berthing as bikes had been known to topple over as the ferry hit the jetty. I was nervous about it during the crossing, but unneccassarily.

    :D :D :D
  7. a vid file i d/loaded from an english guys website showed a trip across to france, the vid showed the riders tieing their bikes to the floor of the ferry by means of special hooks for the bikes.

    i spose the english channel can get quite rough, but soo too does the infamous bass strait which has claimed many ships over the past 2 hundered years

    cheers ratty ( aka Paul )
  8. Gee Just want I need to hear when I'm about to load mine and 2 other mates bikes on to the Spirit of Tassie at the start of December.

    I'll have to have a chat to you Lil (and anyone else who's been over with their bike) to find out what the tie downs were like and if there is extra room for more if you bring them along yourself. I've got one crack in my fairings I don't want another or to find that my levers a bent to hell when we are set to whittle away some chicken strips on arrival in Devonport
  9. I went over the Sunday night of the GP (with about 100 other bikes). The stevedores used a ratchet strap (approx 50mm wide) that hooks into stays welded on the deck of the ship. The strap is passed over the seat and pulled down quite tightly. The bike didn't move, nor did I hear anyone complain of damage in the trip (even the Harley guys).

    The only think I noticed was the stap mark was still on the seat of the bike a week later. On the way back I threw a towel between the tap and the seat and that seemed to work a treat.

    I have a GZ250 (which is currently a pushbike - another story), and this only has a sidestand. The bike stayed put just fine.
  10. Yeah, I used my leather jacket so it wouldn't mark the seat and that was fine also. They tighten the strap really tight, i honestly can't see how a bike would fall if it's in gear and strapped down with the tie downs they use. I reckon a car was in neutral and rolled into the bikes in the rough seas. People think a handbrake will hold their car in neutral but most of the time it will move with the slightest push.
  11. I hope this doesn't happen next year, last year's trip was great without any damage.
  12. Another ancient thread revival... :?
  13. Brownyy, what are you up to? are you bored?