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vehicle vandalized out front of my house

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by quantocks, Aug 11, 2008.

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    I know it's probably not really related, but the other night I looked at my car and my bike and it is covered in little brown 'flicks' of what looks like solastic. The builders next door have a huge puddle of this right next to it where they parked their van. I called the police, they have a look and say 'nothing we can do about it' so now I have this crap allover my paint work which will be ruined.

    short of going over there and smashing their faces in, is there anything legally I can do about it?
  2. Does it wash off or has it actually ruined your paintwork?

    Take lots of photos ASAP and write all the details in your diary.

    First thing to do is to find out what's been sprayed on your bike, call the manufacturer and find out how to remove it without damaging paintwork.

    If that can't be done: get the builder's license number and contact details. Ask them why they didn't cover your vehicles or ask you to move them before splattering them with their building materials[?]

    Ask them who they're insured with.
    Any builder that isn't a dodgy bastard will have liability insurance for this kind of thing.

    Call your insurance company, put in a claim: "Vehicle damaged by builder working in neighbourhood; negligent in covering or asking for vehicle to be moved before adhesive spray compound used in vehicle vicinity. paintwork ruined." give them the builder's name, contact details, license number, etc. Let them sort it out.
  3. Generally low level cops try to do the least amount of work possible to make a situation go away.
    Think of it as a business, the guy at the front desk is always dealing with complaints and thinks he has enough to deal with without you're "petty" issues, but the higher in management you go the more likely something will be done. Usually by talking to the senior officer at the station these matters get dealt with pretty quickly...
  4. I'm going around to have a talk to the builders today, I'll leave my bike jacket on and have helmet in hand so I look a bit tougher than I actually am ;)

    I tried to scrape a little bit of it off, but it's pretty well stuck allover the windscreen, all down the paint work and splattered everywhere.

    at first I thought it was liquid nails, but it's not hard as a rock - it's kind of rubbery in texture.
  5. Unfortunately for the OP, in this case it will come down to a civil matter. The cops have nothing to do with it.

  6. If your comprehensively insured then i would just put in a claim with your insurer and get them to fix it and follow up all the rest with the builder. Saves you the headache of trying to do it yourself.
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