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Vehicle impoundment legislation imminent 1 st July6 2006

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mjt57, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Speedsters to lose their vehicles - New Vic Legislation


    In part, and this is the bit that may well affect a lot of us, it says...
    No doubt those caught popping wheelies may also fall under this new law...

    Interesting times...

    Thing is, in order for these laws to be effective, the police have to want to attend the areas where these offences are being carried out.

    For example, a couple of months ago my wife drove to Safeway to pick up some things. It was 10pm on a Thursday night. As she approached Safeway, the cops pulled her over. They wanted to do a licence check.

    Meanwhile she was asked to wait in the car.

    Fuming as the supermarket was about to close, she could hear hoons doing wheelies and stuff two blocks over. The cops totally ignored it.

    Presumably, a middle aged woman driving a Kia was more important to them than to actually get off their lazy arses and do some real police work.

  2. Re: Speedsters to lose their vehicles - New Vic Legislation

    I think they already have these laws in NSW. I think they only apply to repeated offenders who do burnouts and drag-race and are known to the police. I dont think a first offender would lose their car/bike. Just do your burnouts on private property - problem solved :wink:
  3. So young kid borrows parents car, gets caught "hooning", parents lose car. The problem with this as a deterrent is that a lot of young drivers simply may not care if they get caught, if it's only their parents that get punished (and lets face it there's a lot of parents out there that'd still let them borrow the car once the impound period is over). What they define as "hooning" is still vague though - I mean when does accelerating away from the lights quickly to get ahead of traffic constitute "drag racing". Though I do agree with impounding cars of disqualified drivers, that should have been introduced a long time ago (since merely taking their licence obviously doesn't work in many cases).
  4. One bad side effect I can see from this is more chance of some people trying to run when they get caught and the cops try to stop them...
  5. Re: Speedsters to lose their vehicles - New Vic Legislation

    Yeah, I think they adopt a 3 strikes and you're out before stealing your vehicle.
  6. I agree with Phanoongy, I would rather run it than lose it... but i'm a good rider anyway... I dont hoon :cool:
  7. The loss of cars will be contested and beaten in the courts no matter what the law says.

    Eg: How can one person lose a $500 car and another person lose a $500,000 car for the same offence???
  8. Typical, welcome to the nanny state, what a pack of F'ing tossers.
  9. i dont know about u but the person who just lost the $500,000 will most likey go out and buy another $500,000 doller car lol :LOL: :LOL:
    cause if u have that much money to spend on a car u got the money to get another.... in case shit happens
    as for the $500 buck car...... im not sure if that one can reach the 100kp/h zone lol :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Martin: you're quoting the exact wording of the proposed legislation, then adding in something that isn't hinted at, a bit of a stretch, don't you think?

    Oliver: yes, that's the situation in NSW

    jd: it's not aimed at kids who borrow dad's Kia for a drive through Brighton Le Sands, it's aimed at over-indulged layabouts in $80,000 Skylines pulling drag starts off the lights in the suburbs to impress their mates and the chicky-babes

    Some highly expensive 'toys' have already been permanently impounded in the Rockdale area on the basis of this law.
  11. Re: Speedsters to lose their vehicles - New Vic Legislation

    Are you offering your driveway? :p :grin:
  12. Re: Speedsters to lose their vehicles - New Vic Legislation

    LOL - unfortunatly my driveway resembles a building site.

    Nice try though :p

    Just test your neighbours driveway - during the night.
    You know it would be terrible if you 'accidently' lost back-wheel traction on his driveway :wink:
  13. That's not the message of the article though (you did read it didn't you :p) First line - "PARENTS of hoon drivers could have the family car wheel-clamped in the backyard for three months...". Not all modified car owners are hoons on the road, I've certainly seen plenty of cars being used for illegal drag racing that quite clearly belong to their parents (or their employer).
  14. They could always call this guy, I guess

  15. They'll just do what they do up here, don't bother registering their cars, and steal cars for hooning around in.
    It's pretty stupid legislation, what happened to merely sending someone to gaol? Oh that's right, we can't opress certain ethnic minority groups in NSW, Iemma loves them!

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. Haha another 'Muslim Country' thread coming up??
  17. new laws

    I think the vehicles can be impounded for 48 hours at the max and the offending person having to pay for the storage costs.. around $500 i think.

    I also think you'll find the power wouldn't be used much due to police being unable to "seize" the cars..... its not like there's any powers for police to use force to seize the car at this stage.
  18. They should send the offender to Japan to live with his father and "try" to take access to cars off him... oops that was the plot for the new Tokyo Drift installment of the Fast & The Furious trilogy :wink:
  19. I'm not sure what you're getting at here.

    Aside from it not being "proposed" legislation (it's been proclaimed as an Act of Parliament and the resultant regulations have been set in place, due to come into force next week), I think that there is a lot that isn't "hinted at".

    I don't know whether say, wheelies will be considered as hooning. But it might. Or, as others have said, would taking off from the lights quickly be deemed "hooning", or even lane splitting, or any other activity that they may consider dangerous or risky, but is easier for them to lump under the term "hooning".

    Time will tell once the laws are in force and the cops start enforcing them.