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Vehicle Crushing - ALP Victorian State Government

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Sir Ride Alot, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. On tonight’s Channel Nine news the ALP Victorian State Government was at it again. Get caught hooning three times and they will crush your vehicle providing you own it.

    How did this come about? You guessed it the old people at 3 OLD W.

    After the four young people died at Mill Park the uncle of one of the people said on 3 OLD W that the cars of hoons should be crushed. He suggested this even though he admitted to doing it himself when he was younger.

    The four youngsters were driving a Ford Falcon. Not long after this accident more young people died in an accident in Sydney. The car again looked like a Ford Falcon. Just recently another young person was killed in Mill Park near the first accident. Was he driving a Ford Falcon? It was hard to tell on the news footage due to the car being in such a poor state.

    Should the bureaucratic departments and elected governments alternatively be asking how many people are being killed in particular brands of vehicles? Are statistics being kept?

    If certain brands of vehicles whether they are cars, motorcycles, trucks etc are found to be dangerous then crush them all.
  2. the answer is obvious.... fords are shit! go holden.....
  3. The confiscation of property, and it's subsequent destruction is abhorrent and wrong.

    Anyone who agrees with such legislation should reveal themselves immediately so I can tell you how stupid and gay you are.
  4. here here

    look, ford have even circled the problem

    but in all honesty, the shit im hearing coming out of victoria regarding their ideas for road users is a bloody joke
  5. What's the penalty as it currently stands?
  6. so does under a loan count as ownership of a vehicle :-s
  7. I'll believe it when I see it.

    Until then it's just a bunch of grumpy old Camry drivers with nothing better to do than complain.
  8. I’ve made the point in other threads that these kinds of crashes always (99%) happen in falcons and or commodores not the ‘high powered vehicles’ which are banned for younger drivers. So yes, crush them all...:bolt:
    Cough ‘nanny state’
  9. Fixed.
  10. And how do you know this?
  11. Thankyou Es, that is precisely what I was looking for (I still want to marry you btw)

    Sir Ride Alot, presently they can take your vehicle for;

    48 hours - first offence
    3 months - second offence
    Forever - third offence

    So who gives a fvck if they want to crush it when they own it anyway?
    As extreme as it sounds at the moment, it really still is only the thin edge of the wedge.

    There are plans in place to make it a criminal offense to hoon and have created a task force for the sole purpose of doing this.
    So shortly for your third offense you will have your vehicle confiscated/crushed and possibly be doing gaol time.

    It wasn't so long ago they rushed through the hoon legislation because some louts with cars tore up Noble Park and trashed the local video store in a fit of idiocy. The recent Bob Jane incident just down the road in Oakleigh had a lot of similarities.

    From there hooning quickly progressed to impounding trucks on the Monash who were caught at cruising speed in a 60km/h construction zone. Effectively turning the concept of what a hoon is into a farce.

    I wish I had of kept track of this from the beginning, because they keep putting in tighter controls and expanding their definitions to caste their net wider. They wont be happy until everybody drives around like Nanna does, the only problem is, Nanna can't fvcking drive.
  12. Speaking falcons, old people that cannot drive and deadly accidents. An old man with a disabled permit pulls his tank out in front of me today! It was an old XD falcon or similair. Lucky I was in the car with the ABS!

    If he did not see my little black car I woulda had no chance on the bike.
  13. ... oh...das..it!

    on a serious note. i think it is completley discracefull for the govt to steal or destroy anyones legal private roperty.

    sure ban them from driving it
    sure fine/jail them for breaces of the law

    but steal or destroy someones property which they paid taxes on and bought legally? over my dead body would i let them do that to me.

    this it another discracefull loss of civil freedom by the dictators supported by thr "wont somebody think of the childeren" brigade

    whats next? shaving peoples heads in the street if they have hair that is deemed too long by the govt? i may as well live in singapore!

    the govt will take every chance it gets to controll the populus, its up yo us as citizens to stop these unjust laws from being passed and accepted
  14. Firstly I listened to the interviews on 3 OLD W and secondly watched the Labor and Liberal politicians on the news. I remember thinking to myself here we go again more over management.

  15. Seconded.
  16. Ah, so you're a 3 "old" W listener, then. Welcome to the senior citz club, your table is over here...

  17. this place is a joke. i might as well sell the bikes and cars and buy a kick ass mobility scooter.

    otherwise i'll end up in the big house.
  18. sorry ben ur out voted... only old disabled men who cant drive have fords ;)
  19. i think they shoud crush everyone who voted for k.dudd... and all holdens