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Vegemite - The greatest food on earth or not ??

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by egiste, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. With every meal on every item of food

  2. With a spoon from the jar

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  3. With every meal on any bread product

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  4. Only at breaky, only on toast

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  5. not at all

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  1. I have been getting some flac lately for the things that I put vegemite on.

    As any normal person would, when I have eggs on toast I put vegemite on the toast, and when I have hot cross buns I toast them and add butter and vegemite.

    It turns out that the people giving me the flac dont even like vegemite :shock: :shock:

    I can't get enough of the stuff.

    What do others think ??
  2. Only on toast and crumpets on anything else is weird (Hot cross buns & vegemite :shock: :? )
  3. Toast and muffins.

    But I will try it on hot cross buns if I get my hands on some.
  4. Sorry. I can't eat the stuff.

    I've taught myself to like things like olives and anchovies, but I have to draw the line at Vegemite. For me it sits well up the wrong end of the pleasure/pain continuum.
  5. Try telling an American that it's good on ANYTHING!
  6. I dont eat VEgimite, only the Diuck Smith version, but yes i love it and all forms of it, Marmite, Promite etc
  7. i wouldn't even feed that shit to my worst enemies dog...
  8. I dunno, we always used to force the Americans/Canadians that were in our college to try it at least once. There were always a few that saw the light :idea: .
  9. With a spoon!

    Try these...
    Vegemite on a banana
    Vegemite and peanut butter on toast/crumpets/muffins etc.
    Vegemite and cheese (also good in toasties)

    I love the stuff!
  10. What I don't get is that people who love enjoy the taste of vegemite on toast often don't like it on untoasted bread...I know I certainly don't.
  11. vegimite rocks, how can you have a hangover and not eat the stuff????? holy crap, its like being at a bar that you can walk home from and ordering a mineral water :shock:

    but promite, marmite and all the other imitations.... blegh!! you dont boil pizza and you dont eat that crap :LOL:

    peanut butter is also good with hangovers, it gives you your much needed vitamin peanut :grin: :grin:
  12. Vegemite and eggs on toast is just plain f$%ken wrong! Seany, have him committed! :)

  13. I used to work with a Canadian lady who'd moved to Sydney and married an Aussie. She loved the stuff.

    When I visited them after they moved back to Canada I took them one of the big 900g jars.

    She gave me a litre of proper maple syrup, and I reckon I got the better end of the deal by far. :LOL:
  14. Vegemite is tops! I agree, Vegemite on toast with eggs is the best aussie breakfast. Not eating or liking Vegemite is UNAUSTRALIAN.
  15. vegemite + peanut button... on toast or a sandwich

    vegemite + cheese + mustard... (i plan to try this when i get home from work tonight...)

    vegemite + cheese + mustard + jalepinos... (also plan to try this tonight too)
  16. I know what you mean, got a bottle of the real stuff as well, never mind that 'maple flavoured syrup' rubbish.
  17. Warm cheeseymite from bakers delight, roll with vegemite in the middle and chesse on top melted.. verry nice...
  18. Oh one of my favorite eats :cool:

    For an extra zing may i recommend some 'season all' spice on top as well

    trust me it just tops it off bee e udifull

    :grin: :cool:
  19. i like vegemite. :grin: theres this mad vegemite drink you can make but i forgot the recipe. put some in hot water and dissolve and add stuff. :?
  20. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with you, even moreso than your average vegemite eater.