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Vegan or Carnivore???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. hahhaa
    I could never be vegan / vegetarian they have a distinct lack of bacon and steak
  3. If God had wanted us to be vegetarians then why did he make cows out of meat??
  4. ...and make us salivate when we smell them cooking?
  5. i agree with 2up
  6. Eat a vegetarian - save a cow and stop some whinging.

  7. fcuk me dead, Im whole heartedly agree with 2up!!
    It is a good sign, I reckon.

    Though, I know Es is less inclined to eat a steak, and I'd happily eat her :p :p :p

    I'm a chef by trade, I CAN cater for anyone :)
  8. :LOL:

    One great post, 5 great answers :LOL:.
  9. Another :WStupid: for 2up
  10. i dont get why some people think vegetarian food is flavourless? if it doesnt taste good youre a bad cook! :LOL:

    joel - i have the kitchen all to myself tomorrow night. what vegetarian recipe do you recommend?
  11. Hmmm! I'm with es on this one. Another vegie here. :cheeky:

    Though I do like zombies, they's cute. :p
  12. Es - Potato and leek pie is one that will have any carnivore convinced that they ate meat. However, If you can do fresh pasta, tortelloni stuffed with 3 cheeses (ricotta, parmesan and gruyere) with sage beurre noisette (fried sage leaves in butter) is always a winner :)
    Failing that, PIZZA!
  13. Yum! Way to make us all hungry, Chef Joel :wink:
  14. You can get some pretty good meat-like tofu these days. A friend of mine had some chicken stirfry takeaway once, he had a shock when he was told that the chicken was actually tofu.

    He also got a shock when I told him that the noodles were actually shoe laces.
  15. There is no way I would mistake tofu for meat. Tofu for some kind of curd cheese...maybe, but chicken....no way!

    I like tofu, but don't tell anyone. I'm pretty sure you can't have tattoos AND eat tofu for legal reasons.
  16. You can, you just have to pronounce it 'tuff-u'.
  17. here is my point on the matter.

    Plants in general draw co2 out of the atmosphere and give off oxygen
    so every broccoli, soy bean,cauliflower, carrot etc we harvest for our selfish consumption is reducing the amount of co2 being naturally taken out of the atmosphere and in contributing to global warming, hippy vegetatians say save the planet, stop eating meat, well imagine if we did, how many more cows etc would there be living and farting bloody big holes in the ozone layer if we stopped eating them, whats more cows and sheep will happily live in a paddock with a scattering of trees, in fact its better for them, it gives them shade and shelter as well as protecting the soil and helping the atmosphere in general.
    When was the last time you saw a crop of broccoli or soy beans planted amongst trees? Never, it makes it too hard to harvest with diesel burning farm machinery, and that brings up another environmental danger.
    Not to mention the herbicides and pesticides used by the ton on most vegetable crops damaging the soil and our waterways.

    So I say eat more cows and stop them farting holes in the ozone layer and boycott vegetables that are strip harvested, fruit like apples etc where the tree remains after harvesting is ok.

    By the way es I would do a little sweet potato and chic pea curry flavoured with cumin, fennel seeds and cassia served over cous cous cooked with a little preserved lemon.
  18. There is a billboard on the side of the hume highway , that says something like this:

    I like my animals like everyone else, on a plate with vegies and chips.

    Will try to get a photo of it next week when passing.
  19. if we all went vegetarian there would be no reason to be breeding livestock any more derrrr?

    and havent you ever heard of factory farming?

    my best friend in high school lived on a beef farm. when you say a "scattering of trees" this means a paddock that has been clear felled, save about 5-10 trees in a corner. the land is dry and dusty from erosion, in winter it floods.

    The key to farming for the environment (and the "old style" of farming) is diversification. not only better for the environment, it is also better for the farmer - if one product isnt going too well, you can survive on another. unfortunately in this day and age we prefer specialisation. why produce a number of products when you would have to learn about each product and provide for it when you can just produce one single product?

    While vegetarianism is on the rise, I think most vegetarians would agree that converting the entire world to vegetarianism is not a practical aim.

    I know my own aim is to make a difference in the lives of animals, stopping cruel practice like factory farming (i think most people - vegetarian and not - would agree this is a cruel practice?)
    this is why i dont eat eggs (plus they taste horrible).

    hopefully, one day, demand for meat will be low enough that wizzard's dream of livestock happily grazing in a paddock will become a reality :cool: