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Veet hair removal for men

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Reesa, May 16, 2012.

  1. Thinking of ridding yourself of unwanted man-hair? Read the reviews...

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  2. Hmmm, that's a bit close to the bone.
  3. .....

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  4. Jeff Foxworthy and Drew Carey = Hilarity...
  5. And the "Nads" one is no better.

  6. Having seen how the power of veet at work before, the last place I would want to put it is any place that I want to ensure a safe future for.
  7. I think this is great how the tables have turned now that men are 'manscaping' - and if the majority do it for the possible p0rn star scenario then maybe they should fashion themselves after the p0rn stars of the 70's. Then they could keep their hair (and even grow some more).
  8. I wouldn't have used 'great'. I would have gone for 'humiliating' towards 'rejecting masculinity'. Men are supposed to eat meat drink beer and be hairy. If someone feels the need to touch the feminine side they should lop the goods off.
  9. Wow so I am the perfect male specimen then?:angel:

    (that is a change from being called a "strategically shaved yeti")
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  10. It was a sarcastic 'great'. There is something inordinately creepy about a hairless man.......
  11. But we like (mostly) hairless women, and... do as ye would be done by, and all that ...
  12. ... Agreed!!....I like a man to be hairy!!....=D>
  13. Nodding furiously
  14. Brilliant!! I haven't laughed that hard since last week! Gold! :D
  15. To be fair, he might have had ongoing issues with dags.

    It used to be that "Cats keep coming back for whiskers", but now it seems to have turned completely around.