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Veet hair removal creme

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by creampuff, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Just in case you were thinking of purchasing from Amazon ......

    You do know you can buy this stuff in the supermarket, don't you? In the section devoted to men's products. There are several brands, not just Veet.
  2. The point is you are supposed to read the review. It's been around for years and it's excellent.
  3. The sprout review is the funniest thing I've read all year - I'm in pain from laughing so hard!
  4. The reviews are hilarious. Love the guy who uses unleaded instead.

    Don't be a woos, get a wax.
  5. Doesn't seem to matter how many times I read this I always laugh - just never gets old.

    I agree with Greydog - they should wax.
  6. Waxing body hair is completely different to waxing soft loose appendage hair. Skin on body doesn't stretch too far, ball sack on other hand...
  7. I admit I've never seen it done on a guy, but I have my bits done, and yes, it stings. But the results outweigh the discomfort, and obviously hair removal creme isn't an option. Shaving is just as bad b/c the hair becomes coarse, and it has to be done more often.

    Holding the skin as taunt as possible helps. Maybe do it in small sections.
  8. If I followed every link posted on the various forums I frequent, I would never get anything else done.

    Had a quick look - yeah, not bad.
  9. jeezus it took me 5 attempts to read the whole thing thing. i'm on the floor by turd tunnel. can;t breath
  10. I'm trying to read it to Mum, but I'm crying too hard!
  11. I tried reading it to hubbie but was laughing so much and in tears that he couldn't understand a word, so he read it himself and collapsed all over the floor. It's the flying sprouts that get me every time.
  12. My wife yelling at me as my laughing is going to wake the kids.

    Thank you Internet :)
  13. That is very, very funny shit.
  14. I was in the middle of reading this when my phone rang. Composed myself, answered the phone, then burst out laughing anyway and had to try to disguise it as a coughing fit which, while disgusting, was easier to explain than what a "Samantha Janus" was rhyming slang for.