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Vatican considers Alien life

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. http://www.news.com.au/adelaidenow/story/0,,26341740-5006301,00.html

    Putting Hornet's rabid objections about the validity of the Catholic church waaaaayy over there -------------------->>

    I found this news item fascinating. Science puts the universe at 15billion years old and a literal take on the bible is at odds with this AND that there is any other intelligent life outside of human life.

    Is the above Vatican story a time honoured example of Christians cherry picking science??

  2. For the sake of saving time and money, why doesn't the pope just say "Aliens don't exist." - then if there are any, they'll wink out of existence, because the pope's infallible.

  3. Very interesting.
  4. He can harp on about the validity of the catholic church till he goes green.
    As an Ortho I question all others claims to the real Christianity especially Hornet's.
  5. Well all ideologies have to keep with the times otherwise theyll lose adherents.

    But come on, if humans ever make first contact with aliens, we better have our shit in order. Can you imagine aliens coming here only to be told they need to accept jesus or allah, or L Ron Hubbard?
  6. But just think of the opportunities to spread Christianity and smallpox, an industry that's been in decline in recent centuries, thanks to a frustrating lack of new territories being discovered.
  7. I thought L Ron H was an alien...:cheeky:
  8. whether sentient life forms exist on other worlds

    The only sentient life form in any other world about which the Popes have to worry is the one whose position they have been usurping for the last 1,500 years......
  9. I think that even with quite literal interpretation of the bible there is very little in there that would preclude the existence of alien life... As far as I know it says we were created in god's image - it doesn't say he didn't also see fit to create other life forms on other planets... it is a concept the bible simply didn't address one way or another.
  10. RT, that's because the bible reflects the prejudices of the authors of the day. e.g. the Bible doesn't mention that the world is round with many other races. Some hold that the Bible is the literal truth which explains why there are so many conflicts between science and the bible... the vested interest of literalists must tear down the non conforming science.

    Exhibit A: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Creation_Museum
  11. Mainly because, when the tracts which later became the Bible were written, there was very little concept that there was anywhere else for alien life to exist. So the lack of inherent contradiction wouldn't have been deliberate on the part of the authors, just a (possibly happy) side effect of their ignorance.

    I'm quite taken with the idea of God having a few goes at creating the world though. So what makes us think that we're not occupying the "Bollocks and Buggrit Box" in the corner of the celestial workshop, flung there after the creator took a metaphorical 0.1 mm off the radius rather than the diameter?
  12. Yes, that's exactly what I was getting at - I have no doubt that if the writers of the bible were capable of formulating such a concept, they would immediately declare it a heresy. Nevertheless, as it stands I think the bible doesn't preclude existence of other life forms therefore the Church can afford to be flexible on this issue.
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    Awesome, i think ill become a believer when Hitchence doesnt demolish his opposition in a debate.
  14. I have no doubt that if the writers of the bible were capable of formulating such a concept, they would immediately declare it a heresy

    What a preposterous assumption; can you even NAME one of the writers of one of the books of the Bible, much less at a distance of at least 2,000 years, make a judgement as to what may or may not have been in his mind :roll:????
  15. Can you make a judgement as to what may or have not been on their minds 2000 years ago?
  16. I don't need to assume; I believe what they wrote. I don't have to PROVE what they didn't write, just accept what they did. There is no burden of proof on silence.
  17. Not a preposterous assumption at all as it is based on the gibberish they did produce - and this topic has been done to death here so I won't go into it again.
  18. But of course, that didn't stop you posting YOUR gibberish.....
  19. Hornet, what a perfectly unreasonable line of writing from you. Heresy and the consequences of it has been well documented over the years. Or are you saying that it's only a concept employed by the established church??

    Wasn't Jesus crucified for being heretical to the prevailing religion of the day?

    I reckon if I could go back in time and talk to Mark and say, "Hey dude, you know this concept of Jesus' immaculate conception? Well, what I reckon happened was that some benevolent alien form materialised infront of Mary and then artificially inseminated her. What do you think of that?" Are you telling me the disciple wouldn't reject the multiple layers of heresy out of hand????

    Just as an aside, if I could go back in time, I think I'd like to talk to Thomas. His gospel is the most interesting. You can get a copy from the theosophical book shop.