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Varying indicator speed - With varying revs ???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by oohsam, Sep 9, 2008.

  1. Hey all,
    I've read all the indicator posts already but not found a problem that mimics mine.
    I've just noticed of late that my indicator flash speed behaves funny when

    i) in Nuetral
    ii) Revs change

    If im in neutral and i rev my bike the indicator speed varies - fast, real fast, slow then normal and fast again...there is no pattern. If im totaly idle reves then its just normal flashing, and if im in gear and moving indicator is normal.
    I checked the bulbs all 4 are working...

    Im wondering if this could be some sort of a warning for some other problem.

    My nephew was playing with the little twistie screw that adjusts your fuel line that affects the idle (cant remember what its called) and turned it way up so the bike was idling at 4 thousand rpm. So i had to fix that but the indicator was all over the place when that happend...so I noticed.

    Im not sure if this series of events has anything to do with this problem or i just have a dodgy regulator. Maybe a bad earth but that doesnt explain the nuetral/in gear problem.

    this one has me stumped!
  2. 2 thoughts:
    1. Indicator problems are usually cause by a poor earth somewhere. So check all the earths.

    2. An electrical problem that varies with engine speed tends to indicate a cactus regulator.

    You may have both. Look for the earth problem to start with. If the regulator is cactus it will eventually show up with a flat battery. Measuring the voltage across the battery terminals at varies revs may show up the regulator.
  3. This happened to my suzi recently and turned out to be a fukt up flasher.
  4. and varying levels of WTF??


    just on the side, the bit you nephew played with isnt actually the fuel line, it was more likely the minimum setting for the throttle cable. so when you throttle off, it can only go back so far before this stopper holds the throttle back at the start of the cable, at a certain point. pretty identical to the screws on a pushbike derailleur, used to adjust the position of the derailleur. screw it in, the minimum point goes up, screw it out, the minimum point goes back. or vice versa, one or the other.

    but yeah back on topic, im thinking regulator like ibast, but im hoping its just an earthing problem, theyre cheaper.
  5. This is also happening to the SRX atm - higher the revs the faster the indicators go & the headlight gets brighter at high revs.
  6. Must be the epilepsy bike at about 10,000 RPM. :)
    (Cue some house music...)

    Probably regulator, +1 ibast.

    Bi-metallic type flasher relays tend to either work or not. Varying flash rates point to a varying voltage. (Although i did troubleshoot a bike that had extensive corrosion in one socket. (poor earth) As such, the indicator remained "on" (I.e. not flashing) until about 4000 revs, when the reg was able to provide enough juice to warm the relay up enough to cycle. If the indicators work at different speeds at the same revs, I'd be checking the earths as well.