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Various state of disrepair.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Zealt, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Out and about today i come across a Honda CBF in Box Hill with a chain so loose you could almost bend it back on its self. I would of written a note but had no pen or paper in my back pack...

    So more stories please, what have you seen similar to this?

  2. The one that bugs me the most is when people are on f'ed up tires. Seriously, it's your only connection to the road, don't you think it's the area you REALLY shouldn't skimp on? I saw a guy whose tires were clearly low on pressure just from LOOKING, and they were so worn they looked like used race tires. Shocking.
  3. haha, on grue's post, guy at uni who rides a very streetfightered (read: just about everything that was external on the bike has disappeared) old model gsxr possibly 750. Tyres are bald at edges but quite meaty in the middle. Poor bike, it must get flogged.

    On topic, once saw a dirt bike in sutho who had bits of a chain emerging from an oval/egg shaped ring of rust. *shudder*
  4. Now THAT I can respect!
  5. when the bike pulls alongside you and you HEAR the chain slap and rust on it over the Pipes on my harley. then they go to stop and you hear the graunch from the brakes as metal hits metal.
  6. Once when discussing the pros/cons of shaft drive (my bike) vs chain drive (his bike), he told me he had a non-oiling chain, so he didn't have to worry about maintainence of the chain.
  7. poor state of tyres is the only one that bugs me...

    The rest I'm de-sensitized to after working on Loz's Minja a few times... :LOL:
  8. Could also be that the rider buys used tyres from racers....sides are stuffed but plenty of tread in the centre....and usually cheap...often see that at race meetings 120/180 or 190 set of soft sticky supersports tyres for $100 or so, perfect for commuting on.
  9. Haven't seen anything epically bad, to be honest. Mostly the bikes around hear are just commuter dirt bikes that get a hiding come weekend time, pampered cruisers, or sports and tourers passing through on the way to Sydney/Canberra or good backroads that are around here.

    Thing I hate is bodged fibreglass. Looks awful and you can't hide it too well...why not just suck it up and either remove it or do a decent DIY? God forbid you get a qualified repairer to do it.

    Oh yeah, and people who get a set of pipes fitted and don't rejet. Their bike sounds like a psychotic popcorn machine above idle and they think that thats how it should be. Sweet jesus...

    - boingk
  10. What's wrong with cable ties and duct tape?
  11. Sitting at the lights in Bathurst one day, heard what sounded like a box full of sparrows... was an little old (suzuki?) dirt bike, and the sound was the chain slapping around the swingarm, frame and engine case :palmface:
    Also seen a few FI XT660's and K100RS's with valves so bad you could hear them on the other side of a intersection, over the sound of doof-doof cars with cannon exausts.
  12. Yeah, but the Ks must have about 20000000000000 kms up, cos my valve clearances never moved out of spec in 80,000.
  13. In the ten or so years dad has had his K100 (think that's what they're called, inline 4 car engine that fell over sidways and BMW decided to build a bike around) I don't think the engine has been apart once... so what have these other blokes been doing to make thier engines so bad?!
  14. Saw a guy who used a lawnmower power lever as his throttle, because he commuted all the time.
  15. Maybe he just wanted to feel like he was riding a Brough Superior, or another of the old bikes.
  16. Jeeeeeesus...