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NSW Various boots & jackets

Discussion in 'Parts, Accessories, and Apparel for Sale' started by ricardo68, Oct 5, 2016.

  1. I have an inner ear issue and can't ride so I'm selling my bike and gear :(

    Everything is $100 no offers pick up St Ives, Pyrmont or very occasionally Blacktown.

    2xArlen Ness kangaroo leather jackets. These are the bees knees. Do yourself a favour and try these out, half the weight of leather but stronger. Shoulder and elbow pads plus a hump. One is size 60 and one is 58.

    Triumph touring jacket XXL. Unbelievable quality ... worn once! Bought then stopped riding :( Shoulder and elbow pads.

    RJays Le Mans II jacket xl. Includes alpinestar backpad thingy along with shoulder and elbow pads. My go to jacket.

    RJays mesh jacket. Summer is coming and this is the nicest jacket in the breeze I've found. XL

    Gaerne boots. Bought and used a couple of times. These are the nicest boots with heaps of protection I've found. I fit size 10 or 44 and these are like a glove.

    Puma goretex boots. Ridden once, very very comfy!!!

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    More pics

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  3. Mate, it sucks to hear about the innet ear. Interested in the Gaerne Boots, assuming they fit me. Which model if you remember?
  4. Sent you a PM
  5. Cool I'll hold the Gaernes for you to try on
  6. Gaerne boots sold cheers Ajiribarren!
  7. Triumph jacket sold
  8. Tempted by Arlen Ness jackets, but prob too large for me...will check sizing
  9. Ok cool let me know
  10. Too big, sorry bud