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Variety is the spice of life?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by nearlyempty, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Being Friday an' all, I'm debating going for a mug of full caff', just not sure whether I should risk it. Might be a step too far.

    What do you think, should I go for it and live a bit dangerously, or play it safe & have a glass of water?
  2. I have a better idea....Abstain.... wait until 4:30pm and join me for a coffee at SOuthbank.........
  3. you know caffeine is a serious drug right? be careful or you'll be taking 'holidays' to bali to support your habit next...
  4. Can't believe you're debating full caff. Is there any other type of coffee?...:LOL:...That's like drinking low alcohol or no alcohol beer...:shock:
  5. Got 10 minutes until I'm due a re-fill (my cup is nearly empty).

    Could be a spur of the moment thing at this rate. (Which is dangerous - usually ends up with me spinning in circles, bashing the kettle against the fridge as my brain overloads.)
  6. Half double decaf half caf... with a twist of lemon. But make it a mug :)
  7. 5 minutes.

    Starting to get anxious.
    (Half/half sounds like a good compromise, but not sure if it goes far enough and whether I should take that extra step. Lemon sounds too posh for me.)
  8. Just be careful you don't have too much coffee - nothing worse than having a grande latte enema keeping you away from your desk....

    I'm one of those annoying cafe types - if I have caffeine after 1pm, I have a hard time sleeping later that night, and I'm lactose intolerant. So, if I go out for coffee on a school night I ask for "a double decaf soy capuccino" - I always apologise prior to and proceeding the request. Makes me sound like a wanker.... but one shot of decaf tastes like dirty water and I'm not a baby cow and therefore not created to consume a mummy cow's breast milk.
  9. Sorry, just focussed on the one word in that post.

    The rest went right over my head - tooooo distracting.
  10. Go for it son.

    /me sips his .6l espresso
  11. Either it is the caffeine, or THAT WORD. Either way, I'm suddenly feeling all funny.
  12. Only 53 minutes to go..... :D
  13. Oh, they've all gone :-(

    All but one... but it is the original :)
  14. It got deleted!

    wtf? surely breast is not an offensive word? It's not like I have an avatar of a rack or anything.... meh?!
  15. It is the IMPLICATIONS!

    (I am feeling most definitely subverted)
  16. ... and funny ...