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Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Anton, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, its me again :)
    I have a couple of scooter based questions.

    I just had my variators put in, except instead of increasing my acceleration it decreased my top speed and made my engine a little temperamental.

    Do the new variators just need to be worn in?

    If not what should I do about it?

    I am also considering selling my scooter, can anyone tell me what a good price for it is?

    It is a Blue Devil and has done 1400km. There are a few scratches on the right side from a skid I had, but nothing major. As I said before it now has new variators in. (Asuming I can fix the problem. )

    Whats an estimated price (I am also lookng everywhere on the internet for prices.. thought I'd ask here too:) ) ?

    Thanks guys.

  2. Variator rollers allow you to tune the rate of acceleration. The rollers are available in various weights.
    By changing the variator rollers to lighter ones you will allow the engine to reach a higher RPM on take-off.
    This will give maximum acceleration. Where heavy rollers will give a slower rate of acceleration.
    Did you get the correct ones?
  3. I think so . The dealer ordered them for me. There is definately more kick on the acceleration just less top speed. I had the dude put some of the original ones back in. The engine is a little better. Less top end power though...

    I'm thinking of upgrading to a motorbike now. I'm going to miss it the scooter though :(
  4. thats actually sounds about right. I think its another case of expecting too much from a tiny engine. The better low down acceleration will cost you in top end speed. Its pretty hard to get it both ways!
  5. Yeah I think I'm expecting too much from such a small engine. :)

    I think the only way to get both is getting one of the sports pipes put on to add a little more top speed. Ah well. Definately expected too much. It DOES add onto the value of the scooter though so will be able to ask a better price for it.

    I'm thinking honda cb250 for my bike. Perhaps a yamaha FZR250.

    Scooters will always be in my heart and I shall continue to persue my scooter interest though!