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NSW Variable Speed Limits

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by MadAzz300, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. I am in a discussion (for lack of a better word) about how one approaches variable speed limits or speed increases/decreases.

    When you are going 60 and you see a sign ahead for a speed limit change to 80, do you:

    a) Gradually increase your speed until you are going 80 at (or just before) the sign
    b) maintain 60 and increase your speed to 80 after the sign

    If one chooses to increase thier speed before the limit change, can you get fined for speeding?

    Same with limit drops, do you:

    a) Gradually drop your speed so you are doing 60 at the sign
    b) Decrease your speed after the sign

    and again, if you start dropping your speed after the sign, can you get fined?
  2. The law is you cant exceed the speed limit. Full stop. So you cant legally increase your speed before the limit and you should already be at the lower limit when you enter the zone.

    The law and practice are different for me, but I am very alert entering country towns. It used to be a classic speed trap area. I must admit however, I haven't seen as much of this in recent years
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  3. Gradually? I don't understand.
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  4. I went through a small town on the way down to Melbourne from Sydney many years ago, and as we were exiting the town, it went from 60 to 100. There was a cop with a radar gun leaning up against the 100 sign pointing back into the 60. Thankfully we had cruise set at the time.
  5. gradually:
    steadily, slowly, moderately, progressively, gently, step by step, evenly, piecemeal, bit by bit, little by little, by degrees, piece by piece, unhurriedly

    Thanks guys, I thought as much, but got a lashing from a rider behind for getting up to the speed limit after the signage.
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  6. I don't think my bike has that setting.

    But yeah limits are to the sign. Hard arse cop to pull you up on it. But on your p's if they decide to you're walking.
  7. I remain at speed limit till I hit the sign. Once I pass the sign, I pin it up to the limit as quickly as safely possible.

    I'm doing 60km, I'm now allowed to do 100km, I'll get a little bit of excitement and get up to speed as quickly as possible.

    There is no time for gradual, and it's all legal. :)
  8. The thing that irks me the most is when the car/bike in front of me starts speeding up before the signage.. then the bike/car behind me wants to do the same and ends up on my rear tyre because I, as a no chance for redemption P Plater who loses her licence for 3 months if I get caught speeding, keeps to the speed limit till the sign..

    The joys of the road I guess (y)
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  9. Don't let it irk you. 99% of the time people creep up your tail with no intention of malice. Someone wishing you'd go a little faster doesn't mean they are frothing rabidly at the mouth screaming at you. Just ride your own ride.

    I was a lot like you when I was learning. I was very letter of the law (except filtering I was doing that on the test ride of my first bike). Eventually you will probably be the one pushing up the P plater in front with no intention of intimidating them.
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  10. Accelerate/Decelerate through the sign from about 50m beforehand.

    I believe there is a tolerance that cops must adhere to based on a discussion i had with a cop ages ago (giving me a warning about taking too long to slow down after going through a 100->60 sign..).

    He noted that i was undergoing an ongoing deceleration - but not slowing quick enough, so he let me off with a warning.
  11. There's no tolerance. Full stop. Some officers may exercise a courtesy, seeing that a person may be making reasonable attempts to slow down, but others may not exercise that same regard. How do I know? Let's just say "professional experience". Regardless, I am a big believer in the "ride your own ride" method which Smileedude mentioned. The fact of the matter is, if someone is riding your numberplate, they aren't responsible if you get pinged for speeding - YOU are. As vulnerable as you can feel on a bike, when someone is up your tailpipe, riding in a predictable manner is one of the easiest ways to live longer. As for the other person on a bike who mouthed off at you.....having experienced people like that before, my reply is usually to tell them to ride their own bike, I'll ride mine thanks. That's if I'm feeling polite... Stick to your guns mate - if you have half a brain and your gut tells you that you are doing the right thing, there's a fair chance you probably are.
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  12. It's only my opinion, but if it comes down to a choice between obeying the letter of the law or not getting squished, I'll take the not being squished option EVERY time.
  13. Yeah... I'm still in the "fcuk this I'll pull over and let the arsehole pass" stage of riding. Not scared - just weary..
  14. Yeah ... I can relate. Same happens in group rides where a person is needing to preserve their license and others make snide remarks about slowness :(

    If it is a car behind doing the tailgating then do some weaving ... they tend to back off presumably because they think you might fall off. Other riders will often back off too if they are too close behind and you start being unpredictable.
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  15. If the people you are riding make snide remarks (that aren't in jest) then I'd be finding another group of people to ride with...
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  16. *Makes gangsta sign*

  17. really?
  18. Yup, really. Agree whole heartedly with what you said about find other riding partners etc etc.
  19. it was the *Makes gangsta sign* that confused me.
  20. You see....this is the kind of thing that happens when a crusty old bloke tries to be all hip and cool :) I reckon I'll just stick to simple answers next time lol
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